CDNetworks Support

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Support at CDNetworks

CDNetworks offers technical support 24 hours a day by fully-qualified support engineers. We specialize in high-performance, always-on services and providing our customers the support and reliability they need for mission-critical applications.

Support can be accessed 24/7 in three ways: phone, email, or through the self-service Portal.

1 877 937 4236

US and Canada toll-free

+44 203 514 7501



The easy-to-use CDNetworks Portal allows customers to:

  • Manage their CDNetworks service and support from one Portal
  • View traffic, file, stream, and other reports
  • Request or provision new services
  • Find service notes and updates
  • Customize Dashboards
  • Submit new issues or questions
  • View submitted support tickets
  • Track ticket status

Portal Dashboard

Customer Success Management
(Customer Champions)

When a customer signs up for the CDNetworks service, they are assigned an Customer Success Manager who is the central point of contact for service and billing needs.  Along with customer service representatives, Customer Success Managers provide a layer of assurance that customers are meeting their service goals. This “eye on the ball” helps customers seamlessly offer high performance and a great user experience to their customers and employees.

As customer advocates (not commissioned sales), Customer Success Managers also help customers determine the next  step in their growth with CDNetworks. Whether it be reaching emerging markets, or adding dynamic content acceleration, or engaging the cloud load balancing and DNA services, Customer Success Management is responsible for providing exceptional service and support for any issue or request.