Content Acceleration

Content Acceleration

Improve speed, performance and availability for your users

Efficiently and cost-effectively delivering content to users across the globe

CCDNetworks’ Content Acceleration ensures the fast delivery of web content to your end users. By delivering content through the most efficient path using our globally deployed, high-capacity content acceleration platform, we ensure rapid response times are not compromised during times of high congestion or dramatic spikes of traffic.

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Product Highlights

Quickly & reliably serves cacheable content
Supports various file types including JPGs, GIFs, CSS, MP3 and other static content
Very high cache hit ratio

Product Features

Transmission Optimization

Smart Scheduling and Load Balancing
Smart scheduling the user requests to the proximate node, and ensures the accessed service node is with the optimum performance by load balancing.

Transmission Protocol Optimization
Improve the transmission speed to 30%-130% faster than standard TCP protocol

Smart Routing
Support your website provide fastest and most reliable service.

Content Management and Access Control

Supported Various Format
Supports the following formats: CSS, JS, FLV, H.264/MP4, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WMV and more

Regional Content Adaption
Show differentiated content for users by intelligently identifying the user identities

Prevents access to domains from unwanted visitors

File Prefetch
Fast proactively cache content to improve cache hit ratio and offload the back-to-origin traffic 

File Purging
Easily removes invalid content and obsolete content from the cache

Origin Reinforcement

Sequential Back-to-Origin
Control the number of total back-to-origin connections or requests, to reduce the burden of origin

Instant Disaster Recovery
Implements an instant switchover to backup origin when the default origin fails

Advanced Origin Site Monitoring
Monitor the origin sites and the running status in real time to spot failure and report alarm in time

Mobile Acceleration

Optimize the webpage to reduces the front-end delay

Image Processing
Fast process image on edge pops, and respond with the adaptive image for mobile devices and various image processing requests.

Monitoring and reporting

Advanced Analysis Data of Portal
We offer real-time graphical and statistical reports for your analysis

Log Support
Raw log reporting is sent to a customer-designated server to allow for detailed analysis

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No matter what industry you’re in, we provide you with a tailored CDN solution to ensure efficient web performance for your global audience.



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