Content Acceleration

Notably speed up static content: lightning-fast page loading is no longer a novelty

Speed up website, enhance performance and expedite content delivery for your users.

Content Acceleration enables efficient and cost-effective content delivery to your users across the world. It is a great solution if you run a website, or if you have many applications, games, videos and others files of large size to transfer. Backed by the globally-deployed and high-capacity CDNetworks platform, Content Acceleration offers an optimum path and ensures the fast transmission without compromising the quality, even during the high congestion time and peak traffic periods.

Content Acceleration Diagram

Product Highlights

Serves cacheable content quickly & reliably

Handles static files easily (JPG, GIF, CSS, MP3 and more. )

Offloads origin traffic and achieves high cache hit ratio

Product Features

Content Management and Access Control

Multi-Layer Caching for Webpage

Cache and store files on edge or relay CDN PoPs,and implement multi-layer caching strategy to significantly enhance access speed.

Customized Access Control Rules

Configure access control by IP address, country/region, HTTP headers and time stamp to prevent unwanted visitors

Origin Offload

SSL Offload

Act as an efficient front-end processor to manage SSL connections and requests

Origin Connection Load Reduction

Aggregate connections through CDNetworks Origin Connection PoPs

Origin Load Balancer

Adjust requests priorities based on the corresponding back-to-origin policies configured

Designed for Content Delivery

File Prefetching

Proactively cache the content in the edge PoPs by submitting the request URL to obtain the latest content.

File Purging

Proactively delete/invalidate the content which had been cached in CDN.

Image Processing

Provide a one-stop image processing solution that covers format conversion, cropping, resizing, rotating, watermarking, etc.

Fast and Easy Implementation of New Protocols


Leverage HTTP/2 capabilities easily with our platform


Offer adaptive solution to support both IPv4 and IPv6, and accelerate your websites via both protocols.

Secure Your Business


Support multiple hotlinking prevention methods, such as UA, Cookies, time stamp and back-to-origin strategies to safeguard customers data

Anti-hijacking & Anti-tampering

Offer a security suite for anti-hijacking & anti-tampering, creating a comprehensive security environment for customers”

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