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Secure, Optimal Performance of Your Website and Applications

Deliver Secure, Optimal Performance of Your Website and Applications to Global Markets

At CDNetworks, we blend the latest in CDN security with the performance of a distributed cloud-based infrastructure to keep our customers’ websites both high-performing and secure. We incorporate security into everything we do, making the cloud faster and safer for our customers as they innovate and penetrate the world’s most challenging markets. Winner of the 2016 Cloud Security Excellence Award.


We blend the latest in CDN security with the performance of a distributed cloud-based infrastructure

There are numerous aspects to the security measures we employ on behalf of our customer websites and our own CDN infrastructure. We have segmented them into five categories that correspond to the needs of our application and website customers:

Secure Application Access: Fast, secure mission-critical applications

Web Application Firewall: Next generation, behavioral firewall, fully integrated with CDNetworks’ global network.

Cloud DDoS Protection: Protection of websites via DDoS mitigation; CDN delivery in front of the origin; and proactive site monitoring and alerting

High Availability: Cloud-based delivery of robust website and application functionality in a high-performance manner

Data Security: Protection of an organization’s data, and that of its customers, by applying and supporting leading security methods and standards, such as PCI compliance, secure socket layer, and digital rights management

Regulatory Compliance: Enhancement of CDN infrastructure and services to support industry and governmental standards for managing and protecting consumers’ personal and financial data

We encourage you to review CDNetworks’ security stance in each of these four critical areas and to learn how cloud-based content delivery provides your site with the unique blend of optimal performance and security.

“The CDNetworks DDoS absorption PoPs keep our website up and performing fast, even as we come under attack”

MIHAI CUIBUS, Senior Digital Engineering of Human Rights Watch

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Integrated CDN with DDoS mitigation and Web Application Firewall

CDNetworks addresses DDoS attack defense through our intelligent, flexible, and scalable cloud-based infrastructure and sophisticated monitoring systems. Together they identify and manage any unusual traffic spikes targeted at the origin sites of CDNetworks’ customers. Traffic is quickly and automatically dispersed among multiple “absorption PoPs” (points of presence) in the CDNetworks cloud, alleviating the burden of a DDoS attack on customers’ origin infrastructure.

CDNetworks Cloud Security provides intelligent web application firewall (WAF) technology fully integrated with our global CDN and monitored 24/7. The intelligent, multi-layered WAF stops layer 7 attacks including DDoS, SQL injections, and behavior based complex logics. CDNetworks Cloud Security is industry leading, next generation technology that is self-learning and self-evolving.

SAA protects enterprise applications and data while providing a fast, efficient user experience on CDNetworks’ global content delivery network.

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