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CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration is an integrated solution for static and dynamic content acceleration. In addition to caching and compressing static content, Dynamic Web Acceleration delivers advanced technologies for dynamic content acceleration, such as optimally tuned TCP links and connection pooling to enhance the delivery of both static and dynamic content.

The rapid growth of social media, eCommerce, and hyper-personalized websites, combined with workforce migrations from on-premise to remote locations forced on businesses by the global pandemic, have contributed to unprecedented amounts of real-time dynamic content traversing today’s networks. This deluge of data makes the acceleration of dynamic content increasingly vital. CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration has been designed from the ground up to accelerate the delivery of your content to end-users, providing an unparalleled engaging and interactive user experience that increases business and drives customer loyalty.


Intelligent Scheduling

Selects the optimal path for content delivery to ensure prompt and reliable content delivery.

Content Management

Proactively caches, deletes, or invalidates specific content in edge PoPs to increase cache hit ratios.

Protocols Support

Rapid deployment of new protocols including HTTP 2.0, IPv6, QUIC, and TLS 1.3.


Enables full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection, facilitating two-way communication between a user's browser and a server.

Access Control

Configures access control rules by IP address, country/region, HTTP headers, and time stamp to ward off unwanted visitors.

Origin Reinforcement

Supports customized back-to-origin policies, instant origin failover, and origin status monitoring to guarantee business continuity.

Dynamic & Static Separation

Automatically identifies and separates dynamic and static content for custom acceleration configurations.

Abundant PoP Resources

As the leader in cloud distribution and edge computing, CDNetworks serves a global customer base with:

  • Over 200,000 servers and more than 100 ISP partners deployed worldwide
  • 2,800+ CDN PoPs in over 70 countries and regions
  • 1000 PB of storage

To see a map of our global network, click here.

Abundant PoPs & Resources
Real-time Dynamic Interaction

Real-time Dynamic Interaction

Time is critical when it comes to dynamic content. Information popular today can fall out of fashion tomorrow. To address the performance, responsiveness, availability, and security of content that is constantly changing, CDNetworks has established rich PoP resources across the world and implemented techniques such as WebSocket, transfer layer and application layer protocol stack optimization, and regional content adaption.

These features work in concert to significantly improve delivery of dynamic content, especially under high demand, thereby offering a superior user experience, interaction, and satisfaction with your brand.

Transmission Optimization

  • Smart Routing empowers your website to provide users with the fastest and most reliable service.
  • Load Balancing schedules user requests to the closest PoP available.
  • Optimized Transmission Protocol transfers data from 30% to 130% faster than standard TCP.
Transmission Optimization

Static and Dynamic Content Delivery

In addition to its rich network resources, CDNetworks collects real-time network data to determine the optimal route between customer origins and CDN PoPs. As a result, both static and dynamic content are distributed to end users in the most efficient and reliable way.

Security Protection Techniques

With features such as anti-hotlinking, anti-hijacking, anti-tampering, and HTTPDNS, the CDNetworks content delivery network not only accelerates your content distribution, but protects it against cyberattacks.

Cloak Origin IP Address

Visualized Console

CDNetworks provides a visualized console where you can self-configure your domains, gain full insights into your usage data, manage your certificates, download the logs, and more!

How it Works

CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration uses a tuned TCP stack across the middle mile to slash response times and increase application availability transparently. This standards-compliant solution is designed to address high-latency networks and the request/response nature of web-based applications, while maintaining all the benefits of standard transfer protocols.

Content Acceleration Diagram

By increasing TCP throughput and maintaining a pool of open connections, Dynamic Web Acceleration significantly reduces the number of round-trips between the end user and application server, thereby accelerating application response times to deliver a LAN-like experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration is especially applicable to scenarios where you need to accelerate both static and dynamic content. By using an optimally tuned TCP stack across the middle-mile, our Dynamic Web Acceleration solution transparently reduces response time of both cacheable and non-cacheable content.

CDNetworks has 200,000+ globally deployed servers, and 2,800+ global CDN PoPs in over 70 countries and regions. See CDNetworks global network map here.

Yes, Dynamic Web Acceleration supports WebSocket. WebSocket provides full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection, facilitating message passing between the client and server. Once the data is updated, the server will proactively push it to the client. See detail feature description here.

Image processing is a value-added service of Dynamic Web Acceleration. It is a one-stop image processing solution that includes features such as image format conversion, cropping, scaling, rotating, and watermarking. See the feature detail here.

Based on your requirements, the service setup time ranges from less than an hour to a few weeks. CDNetworks technical support engineers provide 7/24 professional assistance throughout the service setting up process. Click here.

Two billing methods for Dynamic Web Acceleration are available: pay-by-bandwidth and pay-by-traffic. CDNetworks also support tiered pricing based on your bandwidth and traffic volume. Contact our sales engineers for more detail price info.

Yes, we provide a 7/24 support, 365 days in all regions. Click here to access our Support Center.

To learn more about Dynamic Web Acceleration, please visit our Document Center.