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Secure, Accelerate, and Scale

The success of nearly every business hinges on the interplay between content and its rapid delivery to users. To ensure a satisfying user experience, website application developers need the ability to control how their content is delivered and scale it whenever necessary.

CDN Pro, a serverless Nginx platform @Edge, is designed to scale content securely with programmatic control at the Edge. It empowers customers to configure and deploy content in minutes, with real-time visibility into edge traffic.

Learn how CDN Pro can help secure, accelerate, and scale websites and applications worldwide!

Product Features

CDN Pro is a global Edge Cloud Platform with control at the Edge, built-in security, and real-time acceleration for optimizing websites, APIs, and cloud applications!

Serverless Computing with Programming at the Edge

CDN Pro provides a programmable Edge Logic interface that empowers you with complete control over your content. It builds and deploys serverless code instantly at the Edge using CDNetworks' globally distributed Points of Presence (PoPs) to imbue your applications with unparalleled performance and reliability.

Real-time Application Delivery

CDN Pro cloud edge uses proprietary technologies to accelerate dynamic websites and real-time traffic such as live streaming, VOD, OTT, and IoT applications. It significantly increases bandwidth to deliver unprecedented user experiences.

Comprehensive Analytics

CDN Pro provides real-time traffic metrics and logs through an intuitive point-and-click user portal or APIs. You can even “stream” an access log in real-time to your designated HTTP or HTTPS endpoint. CDN Pro also offers a cloud-based Grafana Big Data platform for gaining insights into your traffic delivery.

High-Performance Global Networks

With over 250 PoPs worldwise, CDN Pro's high-performance global networks can instantly scale your content and programs to every user on the internet. In addition, CDN Pro's intelligent routing strategies slash time to first byte (TTFB) latencies and further improve user experiences.

Ready to Connect with the Cloud

CDN Pro is designed to provide an optimized, stable connection back to the origin using your preferred cloud servers. Whether your origin is located in a cloud owned by AWS, GCP, Azure, or other cloud service platforms, CDN Pro helps you get the most out of your cloud servers.

Built-in Security and Protection at Scale

CDN Pro's globally distributed networks come with integrated security that safeguards websites and applications against DDoS attacks. CDN Pro with Web Application Firewall (WAF) builds and deploys customer rules in minutes to provide layered defenses for your websites. CDN Pro’s SSL services protect your applications to ensure secure data exchanges over the internet.

Flexible Cost

CDN Pro organizes edge servers into cost-based server groups. This approach allows you to choose the best way to deliver content according to your business and budgetary requirements.

Seamless Integration

CDN Pro APIs offer a collection of endpoints for managing your content delivery services. Built on a REST API architecture, CDN Pro APIs provide a flexible, seamless way to integrate into your application and Software Development Life Cycle.

Product Benefits

Program at the Edge

CDN Pro gives you full control over the delivery of your content. It empowers you with an intuitive programming interface with finely grained controls for managing traffic flow.

Global Reach and Easy to Scale

CDN PoPs are deployed worldwide. User requests are routed to edge servers based on proximity and resource/content availability, reducing workloads on origin servers by more than 90%. CDN Pro cached contents remain available even if the origin server stops responding to requests.

Real-time Visibility

CDN Pro offers complete real-time visibility into your user data. With real-time logs, you can quickly identify performance bottlenecks, adjust configurations, and deploy changes at any time. CDN Pro services include access to raw data and tools for managing the delivery of your content in a preemptive, efficient, and secure way.

China Delivery

With the unique ability to leverage PoPs located in and near Mainland China, CDN Pro enables you to reach customers in Mainland China with or without an Internet Content Provider (ICP) certification license. CDN Pro also offers assistance in obtaining all necessary permissions and licenses required to provide superior user experiences in China.


CDN Pro’s globally distributed networks provide a natural defense against a wide array of attacks. With CDN Pro, content, APIs, and applications are protected in transit over HTTPS-secured networks. CDN Pro with WAF and DDoS mitigation provide even greater protection against serious threats.

Zero Turn-around Time

Unlike the long deployment cycles with traditional CDNs, CDN Pro is a self-service platform enabling you to configure, test, and deploy CDN configurations to production in minutes.

Cost Savings

Caching content on CDN Pro networks reduces the need and costs to retrieve content from the origin. CDN Pro edge servers are grouped according to cost. This allows you to choose the server groups that best suit your delivery and budgetary requirements.

API for Fast Integration

CDN Pro provides an API interface for easily automating workflows and integration into your Software Development Life Cycles. With serverless programmability at the edge, CDN Pro gives you highly granular control over content caching and management based on your application needs.

How does Serverless CDN Pro Edge Cloud work?

CDN Pro Edge Cloud run time code uses Open-source NGINX scripting language. It supports a standard set of NGINX directives and advanced CDNetworks proprietary directives. CDN Pro portal facilitates an IDE programming interface, Edge Logic, for you to program and control traffic delivery, such as modifying requests, responses, cache control, content redirect and modification, HTTP header, and back-to-origin path manipulation.

To get started, just log into the CDN Pro portal account create a new property for your application or edit an existing property, and add your program in the Edge Logic window on the portal. It’s just that simple!

The following snippet of Edge Logic code allows you to get an understanding of CDN Pro programming. When performing bot management, you might want to make sure the request is made by a human using a browser instead of by a bot or crawler before the content is delivered to fulfill a request. The following Edge Logic code achieves this purpose by prompting end-users to click a button to receive the requested content:

location /protected/ {
    if ($cookie_validated = '') { #check the existence of the cookie 'validated'
        add_header Set-Cookie 'validated=1; Max-Age=60';
        add_header Content-Type 'text/html' policy=overwrite;
        return 200 '<!DOCTYPE html>
    alert("Human, click OK to proceed.");
    # continue loading the page from origin or cache
    origin_pass my_origin;

Once deployed to CDN Pro production, the code is scaled instantly in the edge locations around the globe. If an HTTP(S) request from an end-user for your configured property is received by the CDN Pro platform, your code is executed and runs in the edge location closest to the end-user. Since your program code is unconstrained by the limits of physical or virtual server structures, it scales instantly and is always available to your end-users.

Coverage & Pricing

With over 250 Points of Presence (PoPs) and Terabit-level bandwidth capacities, CDN Pro peers with ISP providers worldwide, from all major networks, to deliver your content with low latency and optimal performance.  CDN Pro covers the most significant areas on the planet and is continuing to rapidly expand its global network.

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