Cloud Live

An all-in-one solution for live streaming

Cloud Live is a comprehensive solution for live stream ingesting, processing and delivery to end users securely with high-quality.

Cloud Live is an all-in-one live streaming solution based on CDNetworks’ industry-leading CDN and powerful media processing capabilities. It is designed to deliver a seamless streaming experience, from flexible stream ingesting to live stream playback on multiple devices with high speed and low latency. By leveraging Cloud Live platform, you can quickly deliver live contents to global audiences, such as enterprise conferences, online education courses, live concerts, tournaments broadcasting, etc.

Easy Management and Quick Publish

A convenient stream management portal and cloud-based player making it easier for live stream ingesting, processing and delivering to viewers.

High Performance and Reliability

Based on CDNetworks globally CDN infrastructure, high quality of service with redundancy is our highest priority when providing smooth live video and audio service to viewers.

Secure Live Streaming

CDNetworks anti-hotlinking and watermarking functions ensure the secure publishing of streams.

Product Features

Convenient Channel Management

Convenient and easy-to-use portal for live channel management, monitoring and configurations.

Easy Stream Playback

A cloud-based player and SaaS level sharing page make it easier for playback without heavy coding jobs.

Content Security Protection

Multiple anti-hotlinking functions and watermarking function to protect your contents.


Redesigned REST API for fast integration to manage all of your streams.

Powerful Media Processing

Global distributed media center guarantees powerful media processing capabilities for stream transcoding, recording (Live to VoD).

Reliable Live Content Delivery

Based on CDNetworks highly efficient and stable CDN, ensures smooth, stable and high-quality live streaming experience for end users.

Statistical Analytics

Collecting and analysis the statistics of all streams to have a better insight of your business trends.

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