Object Storage

Store and retrieve data safely and efficiently.

Object Storage provides customers with reliable, available and high-performance storage.

Scalable storage is necessary to keep pace with the accelerating growth of business data. With our Object Storage you can store data from any origin, including websites, applications, video portals, data from devices or IoT sensors. With high throughput and low latency you can efficiently upload/manage/download massive storage resources through web portal, RESTful API and SDKs. Object Storage can be used alone or in conjunction with CDNetworks services, providing a high level of integration with our CDN.

Low Cost

Competitive and flexible pricing. The price that you have is based on the space that you use and your outgoing traffic. Incoming traffic is free of charge.

High Performance

Object Storage service allows you to easily handle traffic peaks as well as large volumes of requests, guaranteeing continuity of service without the risk of slowing down the service or encountering congestions.

High Reliability

We offer 99.999999999% data durability. For each object stored, at any point of time, Object Storage stores multiple copies natively – with high-reliability built-in.


Product Features

Dynamic Scalability and Growth

Object Storage is the right choice for any storage requirement as you can start with just a few GB, allowing you to scale as needed without the need to partition your data. Store all types of files, without being constrained by low disk space.

Resilience and Availability

All objects are stored with multiple replication per region. Objects are automatically re-created from healthy replicas if data corruption is detected. 99.90% availability SLA ensures data is always on, always available.

Static Website Hosting

Object Storage is perfect for non-dynamic web hosting. Host static websites such as blogs, brochure sites, and small company sites entirely from Object Storage with a global CDN.


Upon enabling a bucket for CDN, media files receive a web-ready URL that can be shared with anyone. CDN accelerates the speed in which content is delivered by caching files locally to your users.

Easy Integration

You can use the web-based portal to make statistics visible, while addressing your data on Object Storage via RESTful API, which enables automation and makes integration easier in application layers using your data.

Media Processing

High concurrent capabilities enable you to meet the requirements in video processing with large amounts of UGC files. Object Storage integrates with rich media functions including transmuxing, transcoding, and video processing.

Object Expiration Dates

Objects can have an expiration date as an attribute. In such cases, the object will simply be deleted once that date has passed.

Amazon S3 API

Strong Amazon S3 compatibility to access data easily from any application, gateway or 3rd party solution, eliminating the need to re-factor applications which currently use Amazon S3.