Media Acceleration Live Broadcast

Deliver broadcast-quality live streams with low latency, high reliability and scalability.

CDNetworks’ Media Acceleration Live Broadcast is a broadcast-quality live streaming service. Based on the industry’s leading content delivery network (CDN) and powerful media-processing capabilities, Media Acceleration Live Broadcast delivers real-time streaming and interactive viewing experiences to global users. It is ideally suited for scenarios including over-the-top (OTT) live streaming, live broadcasts, gaming and sports, and online education.

Live streaming typically is a costly proposition primarily due to the complexities associated with building a live stream delivery network and processing infrastructure. Media Acceleration Live Broadcast delivers streaming content with consistent quality and smooth playback for audiences at any scale, without concern for network and processing infrastructures.



Multi-Protocol Support

Supports multiple protocols including RTMP, HTTP-FLV, HLS, DASH, and CMAF.


Converts your content to different formats with powerful transcoding capabilities.

Adaptive Bitrate

Adjusts the quality of content streams to deliver the highest quality for all viewers.

Low Bandwidth High Definition

Offers low-bandwidth HD features to ensure high quality content delivery.


Records and stores live streams as video on demand (VoD) files for future playback.

Stream Security

Protects content streams using anti-hotlinking, anti-hijacking, and watermarking capabilities.


Protects media digital copyrights and manages access to your content streams.

Stream Statistic Analysis

Collects and analyzes streaming statistics to gain insights into your business trends.

Stable and Fast Streaming

CDNetworks offers unparalleled user experiences by optimizing content for quick and secure delivery over our global edge network. With over 20 years of media-delivery experience, CDNetworks is trusted by media companies around the world. Global deployment of the following resources ensures that your content is delivered closer to your users to provide a superior, flawless, and reliable experience:

  • Over 200,000 servers
  • More than 2,800 CDN points of presence (PoPs)
  • 400+ edge-computing PoPs worldwide
  • Over 100 overseas ISP partners
  • 1000 PB storage capacity
Media Acceleration Live Streaming Low Latency
Cloak Origin IP Address

Enhanced Stream Security

Content is key. CDNetworks offers a variety of security strategies to protect your content by encrypting it, securing its distribution, and controlling viewing access using HTTPDNS, access control, anti-hotlinking, and DRM. These strategies deliver your live streams to viewers securely, ensuring content integrity and maximizing your business profits.

Improved Viewing Experience

Media Acceleration Live Broadcast provides proven reliability to ensure your live streaming success. Based on CDNetworks’ highly efficient media distribution system, it’s easy to provide end users with a smooth, stable, and high-quality live viewing experience from anywhere to any device. It supports multiple streaming protocols such as RTMP, HDL, HLS, DASH, and QUIC to best suit your viewers and empower you to reach audiences of all sizes.  

Cloud VoD Stable Smooth Playback
Reduce Live Streaming Cost

Reduced Cost

Live streaming has significantly more challenges than VoD because continuous delivery of high-quality content requires complex and costly on-premises servers and ancillary hardware. CDNetworks’ Media Acceleration Live Broadcast expands your live streaming business quickly and cost-effectively, allowing you to focus on creating captivating content for your viewers without concern for costs associated with building, operating, and maintaining complex hardware and video processing infrastructures.

How it Works

CDNetworks’ Media Acceleration Live Broadcast is an integrated solution that delivers your streams to end users over our distributed CDN. It also supports a robust set of media processing, security, and analytics tools to convert your content into various formats and gain comprehensive insights into your service.