Media Acceleration Live Broadcast

Deliver broadcast-quality live streams with ultra-low latency, high reliability and scalability.

Improve viewing experiences for over-the-top (OTT) video consumers.

CDNetworks Media Acceleration – Live Broadcast provides ultra-low latency for customers to stream real-time, interactive viewer experiences. The proprietary technology of this product is used in interactive live streaming, OTT live streaming and live scenarios which using transcoding, recording/screenshot or any other stream processing functions.

Low Latency

Guaranteed low-latency live broadcast through our private protocol and support for multiple streaming protocols

High availability and reliability

High quality of service with redundancy is our highest priority when providing smooth video service to content providers.

Rich Value-Added Services

We provide value-added features such as live recording/screen shots, stream re-push


Key concerns of live broadcast users

Viewer experience

Streaming devices and network environment

Content Security

Captivating Media Content

Product Features

Enhanced Viewer Experience

  • Traffic scheduling based on user IP
  • First mile acceleration
  • Enhance AI resolution

Captivating content

  • Live recording & screenshot
  • Time shifting
  • Content sharing
  • Forward push

Diversified users devices & network environment

  • Live transcoding
  • Dynamic AI transcoding

Enhanced Content Security

  • Anti-hotlinking
  • HTTPS live stream

Live Streaming Platform

Media Acceleration Live Broadcast Platform
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