ICP Registration Assistant

CDNetworks’ end-to-end solution helps you acquire, renew, and manage Internet Content Provider (ICP) filings and licenses.

According to the Administrative Measures on Internet Information Services, all websites and mobile apps seeking to offer services in mainland China must obtain an ICP filling/license before they can operate legally. Otherwise, they run the risk of having their content blocked and possibly blacklisted.

ICP Registration Assistant is a service offered by CDNetworks that allows organizations with business interests in mainland China to obtain the mandatory ICP filings and licenses. ICP Registration Assistant provides organizations with a one-stop solution for acquiring, renewing, and managing ICP filling and license in order to fast track their business in China.

ICP Consultation

  • Registration Process Q&A
  • Registration Requirements
  • ICP Registration Types
  • Public Security Bureau (PSB) Consultation

Assistance with ICP Application

  • Help with Required Documents
  • Application Submission
  • Application Progress Follow-up
  • High Success Rate

Professional Support

  • Qualification Compliance Assessment
  • One-on-one Expert Support
  • ICP Registration Renewal and Management

ICP Application Process

The ICP application process using ICP Registration Assistant involves the following steps:

Collect ICP Application Information

Submit The Application For Auditing

Application Is Audited

Application Is Granted

Frequently Asked Questions

ICP registration is a qualification issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) that allows websites to operate legally in mainland China. All businesses that have a site hosted in China are required to have ICP registration.

There are two types of ICP registration: ICP filing and ICP license.

ICP filing: ICP filing (called “Bei’An” in Chinese) is the initial level of ICP registration. Websites with an ICP filing are allowed to provide non-commercial services within mainland China.

ICP license: ICP license (called “ICP Zheng” in Chinese) enables websites and applications hosted on mainland China servers or on CDN servers to engage in online commercial activities.

According to regulations released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), publicly accessed websites hosted on mainland China servers must obtain an ICP registration. Otherwise, your website may be deemed ineligible and be blocked or blacklisted.

There are three key requirements for ICP registration:

ICP registration entity
To acquire an ICP registration, your Chinese entity must obtain required documents, such as business licenses and registration certificates of resident representative offices of foreign enterprises. You will also need a Chinese employee as a contact for the ICP registration. This person must be a Chinese citizen with a valid Chinese ID who resides in China and has a Chinese mobile telephone number.

Domain name
This is the domain name of your website for which you are requiring the ICP registration. This domain must be an active domain registered in mainland China with real-name verification information. ICP registration occurs at the second-level domain (for example, abc.com). After the second-level domain acquires ICP registration, its subdomains can use the ICP registration as well.

Servers located in mainland China
You can use your own servers in mainland China or purchase mainland China servers from CDNetworks. CDNetworks offers the following products for accessing servers in mainland China: Edge Container Platform, Cloud Hosting, and Data Center Colocation Services. Contact us now to identify the servers best suited to meet your requirements.

  • After acquiring the ICP filing or license, add the ICP number to the bottom of your website pages.
  • After acquiring ICP registration for your website, apply for a Public Security Bureau (PSB) filing within 30 days after launching your website. For more information, go to National Internet Security Management Service Platform.