Data Center Colocation Services

Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting Services

Colocation services provide a robust infrastructure for your media and internet hosting needs

We offer servers, power/space/cooling, customization of caged environments, IP transit services/Remote Hand Services (dedicated IT management & maintenance performed by a qualified team of technicians). If you expect large volumes of traffic viewing your content, then you’ll need a lot of space and resources to store your enterprise-grade servers. With CDNetworks colocation services, we provide you with professionally managed cooling, backup generators, security, and redundancy systems that would be very difficult to manage by yourself. If you need a reliable data center that allows the access of mission-critical information, you can trust CDNetworks to provide you with all the solutions that you’ll need.



  • For server and hardware racks
  • Low-density/high-density power availability options
  • Data center floor space with duplex power supply

Customization of caged environments

  • Physical alterations based on your particular server + space needs
  • Choice of shared or private environment
  • Hot/cool aisle containment systems that reduce energy consumption, improve overall equipment performance and efficiency.

Remote Hand Services (RHS)

  • Delegate IT management and maintenance tasks
  • Dedicated/knowledgeable team of technicians
  • Services include server OS install/reinstall, installation/replacement of server/network components, patching/replacing of cables

IP Transit

  • High capacity network connections
  • The most interconnected network in the world
  • Wide choice of service locations with our unparalleled global connectivity to major access and content networks

Equipment rental or purchase

  • Top brands such as Dell, HP, IBM and more
  • Servers, switches, routers, firewalls and more
  • Gold maintenance service (arrival at data center within 24 hours)

Global Data Center Locations

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Enterprise Secure Access

Zero-Trust Access to Secure Hybrid Network