An integrated SD-WAN solution, provide fast, flexible and cost-saving dedicated line services for enterprises

E-Connect is an integrated SD-WAN solution, which provides a flexible, efficient, stable and full-mesh dedicated line service to enable fast delivery in enterprise-level connections.

It provides a one-stop, efficient solution to handle the mutual access and interconnections between enterprises and cloud platforms, data centers, and branch offices. With global dynamic accelerated network and leading transmission acceleration technology, the efficiency of cross-region/border transmission and access is greatly enhanced.

Rich Resources, Quality Assurance

CDNetworks possess a resource network of 1500+ global PoPs, and cooperates with mainstream cloud platforms, IDC and data centers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Wangsu Cloud.

Network Optimization, Ultimate Experience

E-Connect implements the AI intelligent routing mechanism to achieve a service consistent availability of 99.95%.

Centralized Management, Unified Delivery

Via the E-Connect management portal, key information such as data usage and site performance can be clearly monitored, and network configuration can be modified with a single click.

Security Protection, Business Guarantee

With IPsec being used during the whole transmission process, E-Connect greatly improves the security level of the entire enterprise network.

Product Features

Protocol Optimization

Amend the slow data transmission of traditional TCP/UDP protocols, enhancing the efficiency of data transmission.

Routing Failover

Guarantee the reliability and high efficiency of data transmission.

Site Availability Guarantee

Ensure the long-term stability and availability of services.

CPE Access Control

Effectively prevent illegitimate CPE from accessing the system.

Intelligent Routing

Select the optimal route, and switch to other available routes when malfunctions occur.

Critical Business Guarantee

Avoid quality issues caused by bandwidth preemption.

Tunnel Encryption

Achieve rigorous security protection during data transmission.

ACL Control

Proactively identify and avoid malicious packets to protect site security.

E-Connect Diagram

E-Connect Diagram