Flood Shield

Flood Shield

Cloud-based DDoS Protection integrated with a robust high-performance CDN

Cloud-based DDoS protection built to safeguard businesses against DDoS attacks

With the increase in the size and sophistication of DDoS attacks, it is no longer feasible to defend against such attacks at the data center. The industry is turning towards cloud-based DDoS mitigation solutions and CDNetworks cloud-based DDoS protection is built on scale to protect businesses against such attacks. At the core of our Cloud Security Solutions is our DDoS absorption infrastructure, which helps ensure that our customers’ web applications continue to operate normally when under attack.

Our always on and inline cloud-based DDoS protection that is built into our CDN infrastructure ensures that we are always defending your website. With automatic traffic profiling and detection, we can identify malicious traffic speedily and start mitigating attacks at the onset.

Flood Shield Features

Automated identification of DDoS attack initiation
Automatic Alerts
Absorption of DDoS traffic
Post-attack analysis

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