Flood Shield

Flood Shield

Distributed cloud-based DDoS mitigation to protect websites and network infrastructures

Cloud-based DDoS protection built to safeguard businesses against DDoS attacks

CDNetworks Flood Shield detects and mitigates all types and all layers of DDoS attacks (such as SYN Flood, ACK Flood, UDP Flood, HTTP Flood, etc.) in real time and simultaneously provides acceleration service to legitimate users to optimize user experience. This solution functions as a shield to ensure the stability and reliability of online services and infrastructures. Flood Shield comprises monitor & alert tools, visualization of attacks, investigation tools and more.

Our always-on and inline cloud-based DDoS protection that is built into our huge 15 Tbps+ CDN infrastructure ensures that we are always defending your website. With automatic traffic profiling and detection, we can identify attacks rapidly and deflect them on the edge of the network.

Flood Shield Features

Attack Notification and Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring and alerting services

Attack Mitigation

Network-layer, application-layer DDoS mitigation, SYN flood, ACK flood, ICMP flood, UDP flood, HTTP flood, reflection DDoS attacks

Deployment Methods

  • DNS CNAME configuration for HTTP/HTTPS traffic
  • BGP announcement to protect entire networks, multiple protocols.

Access Control

Policies include IP/URL blacklist and whitelist, access control by IP address, URL, domain name

Mitigation Capacity

Large-capacity PoPs 600Gbps per PoP toover 2Tbps networ

Mitigation Visibility

View DDoS attack and protection informationin real-time

Legitimate Traffic Bandwidth in Real Time

Type of Mitigation Traffic

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