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High-Performance Software Delivery with Global CDN

Software and technology companies create content and services that must be delivered to a global audience in a timely manner to satisfy user requirements and expectations. Most Software as a Service (SaaS) companies prefer to control their content delivery network (CDN) by themselves. However the costs, manpower, and knowledge needed to build and maintain an in-house CDN infrastructure are beyond the reach of most organizations. CDNetworks CDN Pro offers a cost-effective, self-service CDN platform that provides developers and engineers with intuitive user interfaces and APIs to create engaging experiences while meeting their content-delivery requirements.

By leveraging CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration and Dynamic Web Acceleration solutions, software and technology companies can accelerate delivery of their software and applications. The global software delivery network supported by CDNetworks platforms combines cloud-based CDN, storage, DNS, and intelligent load balancing to ensure that content is delivered to end-users worldwide, regardless of location without delay.

Higher performance at lower cost

CDNetworks global software delivery network optimizes software delivery performance for you with a lower cost than building out web infrastructure by yourself.

Cloud-based web service protection

CDNetworks Application Shield protects your software and application against various web application attacks and HTTP flood attacks.

Software content delivery acceleration

With 2800+ CDN PoPs in over 70 counties and regions, CDNetworks Dynamic Content Acceleration speeds up your software delivery effectively.

Highly self-configurable service

CDNetworks CDN Pro is a self-service platform for you to configure, test and deploy in just a few minutes.

Higher-performance delivery at a lower cost

Delivering software content to global users is prone to connectivity issues, slow speeds, and random public Internet outages and other anomalies. Along with speed and the greater ease of serving a greater number of customers simultaneously, CDNetworks’ global software delivery network is built from the ground up to deliver content without disruption. It can also divert traffic to different servers if demand is high or if there’s a sudden spike, allowing organizations to continue operations when they’re under strain.

Cloud VoD Stable Smooth Playback

Building a CDN is a costly endeavor. It requires servers, routers, switches, and disk arrays along with configured and deployed data center infrastructures and Points of Presence (PoPs) that must be maintained. CDNetworks’ global software delivery network offers a less costly way to distribute software with unparalleled performance at a significantly lower price point. By leveraging CDNetworks’ footprint and worldwide infrastructure resources, SaaS companies can use a proven CDN to improve software delivery performance dramatically at a fraction of the cost it would take to build and maintain their own CDN.

Highly self-configurable platform

SaaS companies prefer to self-service their CDN to meet their unique requirements. With CDNetworks CDN Pro, SaaS companies can configure, test, and customize content delivery to achieve comprehensive global reach. PoPs deployed worldwide allow SaaS companies to reach over 99% of the world within milliseconds. Global deployment of our PoPs also reduces workloads on origin servers by over 90% while cached content remains available, even if the origin server stops serving content. Leveraging CDNetworks CDN Pro also allows SaaS companies to scale edge servers to deliver software with unparalleled efficiency. Best of all, SaaS companies can deploy CDN Pro to production in minutes, far faster than the deployment cycle of traditional CDNs.

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Abundant PoPs & Resources

Reduce internal workload and focus on business

Leveraging CDNetworks’ global CDN frees your staff to focus on core business operations and avoid time-consuming distractions associated with maintaining a CDN. With robust infrastructure capacities and resilient PoP coverage worldwide, CDNetworks can maximize reach and availability to optimize delivery of your software content. And with integrated features such as intelligent scheduling, content management, and WebSocket, CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration empowers you to deliver an unparalleled engaging and interactive experience.

Secure your website against various cyber-attacks

Software and technology websites are targets of relentless and malicious cyberattacks that include Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 threats, site-scanning activities, trojans, account-takeover attempts, distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), and more. As a cloud-based web application firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection solution, CDNetworks Application Shield is deployed on global PoPs to detect and defend against cyberattacks in real-time. In combination with Artificial Intelligence machine learning, CDNetworks’ platforms are constantly updating defense rules to identify the latest threats in order to protect your websites, web applications, and cloud services anytime and anywhere.

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