Application Shield

Application Shield

Easily ensure secure, compliant and highly available web applications
CDNetworks Application Shield is always-on and inline, protecting your web assets all the time.

CDNetworks Application Shield technology provides a turnkey cloud-based Web Application Firewall solution to protect web applications from vulnerabilities and attacks. Integrated with our global CDN, our multi-layered WAF technology guarantees a secure and high performing web experience. The diagram below shows how our cloud WAF prevents web application attacks in real time.

CDNetworks Application Shield is always-on and inline, protecting your web assets all the time. With built-in intelligence, our WAF is constantly learning and protecting your web applications from new malicious actors and attack vectors, keeping your business safe and available.

Application Shield Features

OWASP top 10, 2017

Injections, XSS and other common threats

Specific Application Vulnerabilities

Automated creation of rules and virtual patches corresponding to a vulnerability scan


  • Unlimited application-layer DDoS attack mitigation
  • Network-layer DDoS attack mitigation without additional charges

Rate Limitation

Create and enforce custom rate limitations

Common Application Vulnerabilities

Virtual patching of popular CMS and Ecommerce platforms

Zero Day

Protect applications against new threats through an intelligent back-end monitoring, detecting and blocking unwanted behaviors

Access Control

Create custom rules to block traffic by IP, region, HTTP headers and more

Custom Signatures

Create customized rules and regular expression signatures through user-friendly rule wizards

Application Shield Benefits

Intelligent WAF

We deploy an intelligent web application firewall (WAF) technology that is fully integrated with our global CDN, monitored 24/7


Our Cloud Security technology is self-learning and self-evolving, providing fast and reliable remediation during attacks with a multi-layered approach

Free DDoS

Free DDoS mitigation included with Application Shield

Application Shield Diagram

Detailed analysis of intercepted IP addresses, including IP location, attack types, attack times

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