Bot Shield

Bot Shield

Cloud based, comprehensive bot mitigation and management platform (24×7 managed service)
CDNetworks Bot Shield platform (CDN integrated) keeps bots from eating your dollars by strengthens web security and creates a better end-user experience by eliminating and shaping Bot traffic. Bot Shield offers a real-time dashboard, reporting, analytics, and alerts to continuously provide you with insights into all web activities, ensuring the optimal security profile to protect your web applications without sacrificing performance.

Product Benefits:

Strengthen your web application security by identifying/eliminating bad Bots.
Improve user experience by blocking disruptive Bots.
Fight fraud by validating legitimate end-user behavior.
Create better end-user experience by prioritizing authorized traffic.

Bot Shield Features

JavaScript Challenge

Sent to every client, attacker and real end-user. Legitimate browsers will pass the challenge without the user’s knowledge while Bots, which are typically not equipped with JavaScript, will fail and be blocked.

Device Fingerprinting Challenge

Generates a hashed signature of both virtual and real browsers based on 50+ attributes. These proprietary signatures are then leveraged for real-time correlation to identify and block malicious bots.


Challenge intended to differentiate between Bots and humans. In general, scripted Bots are unable to solve the CAPTCHA and repeat the words and numbers used whereas humans are.

Human Interaction Challenge

Identifies normal usage patterns for each web application based on legitimate user behavior analysis and provides customizable security postures for Bots that deviate from the standard usage behavior, activity or frequency.

Good Bot White Listing

User ability to recognize and remember good Bots and allow them access.

Bot Traffic Shaping

Traffic control mechanism used to detect and delay traffic created by suspicious Bots, while also prioritizing and white listing authorized traffic.

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