Edge Computing Hosting

Distributed low-latency and stable elastic computing service closer to users.

CDNetworks Edge Computing Hosting (ECH) is an instance that brings elastic, stable, and secure edge computing services closer to end-users. Its highly distributed compute, storage and network resources could help you expand your business to edge nodes easily and efficiently, while reducing computing latency and saving your budget significantly.


Edge Computing Management

Provides full lifecycle management using the CDNetworks console and APIs. Features such as one-stop batch addition and deletion operations streamline efficiency. Support for on-demand elastic scaling provides a flexible way to meet your business demands as a cycle.

Image Management Service

Provides public images which are fully licensed to provide a secure and stable operating environment for applications on Edge Computing Hosting instances. And allows you to package business applications and configurations into custom images, and then deploy them within seconds to all edge nodes.

Reliable Security & Protection

Protects the security of the network and your business through security policies, such as logically isolated Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and security groups, to ensure safe delivery of cloud resources.

Seamless CDN Collaboration

Supports seamless collaborations with content delivery network (CDN) services, such as delivering streaming contents to the Points of Presence (POPs) nearby users, instead of requesting contents from the processing center, which allow users to experience CDN technology to its fullest potential and help you gain a competitive edge.

Operation & Maintenance Management

Continuously monitors operations to ensure stable and reliable core functionality, and bring availability and performance to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Diverse Network Management

Supports IPV6 and limitations placed on network interface card download speeds to meet diversified user demands and promote cloud-edge collaboration.

Faster and Easier Application Delivery at Scale

Pushes your business to the global edge in just seconds. The worldwide coverage provided by the ECH infrastructure reduces the heavy lifting requirements of having to integrate with multiple clouds in order to establish a global footprint.

Cloud VoD Stable Smooth Playback

Lower Latency and Less Bandwidth Costs

Unlike conventional centralized clouds, ECH delivers ultra-low latency using a distributed cloud, bringing your business much closer to your globally dispersed users. Instead of distributing data among POPs, ECH allows more data to be handled at the edge to provide the same high-quality user experience, whether a user is in the same geolocation as your business or not.

High Security and Reliability

ECH instances run in logically isolated VPCs to guarantee the security of your cloud resources. Security groups and other protection mechanisms provide additional protection to ensure security and stability. 

Edge Computing Hosting Low Cost

Elasticity and Flexibility

ECH supports pay-as-you-go billing based on actual usage. And it supports adjust flexibly and scale up at any time based on the fluctuation of your business requests.

How it Works

ECH is an edge computing service built on the same successful infrastructure behind CDNetworks’ Content Delivery Network (CDN). Similar to the way CDN works, ECH slashes the distance between an application and its end users or clients by distributing application servers to edge locations throughout the world. Incoming traffic routed by the GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) is handled and processed by servers residing in nearby edge PoPs, which results in minimal latency, less bandwidth costs, and enhanced data locality.

Edge Computing Hosting Diagram