Edge Container Platform

Run applications everywhere around the globe, much closer to end-users.

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CDNetworks Edge Container Platform (ECP) is an application hosting service that is uniquely positioned at the network edge with a global reach. Backed by a broad edge cloud infrastructure, ECP offers highly distributed compute, storage, and network resources that allows customers to run their applications closer to end-users. In this way, ECP significantly lowers the cost of data transport, reduces latency, and helps address data residency challenges.

ECP is an edge computing service built upon Kubernetes and Docker. It helps customers deploy containerized applications effortlessly at global scale in seconds, while retaining the benefits derived from advanced container technologies, such as being lightweight, portable, and scalable.


Automatic Application Delivery

Choose edge locations that fit your user base, and then let ECP automatically deliver your applications to the edge in seconds, with a single click or API call. Create and manage your edge application instances from a central place, without having to interact with every individual location or region.

Intelligent Traffic Routing

Intelligently route edge traffic to application instances that are the closest and/or respond fastest to user requests. Global traffic management is easy thanks to our DNS-based global server load balancer (GSLB).

Accelerated Registry Service

Let our container registry store and secure your private container images. Enjoy speedy image uploads and downloads over an integrated content delivery network, eliminating worries over shipping and distributing images.

Rich Set of Tools For Ops

Built-in monitoring lets you retrieve real-time metrics to analyze instance performance. Live stream logs allow you to debug and troubleshoot. Browser-based cloud shell makes it easy to log into an instance and run commands inside.

Open API

Integrate our open RESTful API into your existing workflow and automate every aspect of application lifecycle management to meet your requirements.

Enhanced Edge Network

Assign public IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses to an application instance and make it easily accessible on the Internet. Or use a load balancer and to load balance traffic across groups of instances.

Lower Latency and Less Bandwidth Costs

Enjoy lower latency from a distributed cloud than conventional centralized clouds by bringing your application to locations much closer to your users. Optimize bandwidth costs by allowing more data to be processed at the edge which would otherwise need to be moved around.

Reduce Live Streaming Cost
Quick and Easy Deployment

Faster and Easier Application Delivery at Scale

Focus on code, not Ops, with no clusters to manage and no servers to operate. Simply push your application code and have your application delivered to the edge globally in just seconds. The far-reaching coverage provided by the ECP infrastructure reduces the need to integrate with multiple clouds in order to establish a global footprint.

High Availability and Scalability

Leverage self-healing and auto-failover (among locations) features to ensure that your applications are always available. Dynamically spin up instances in response to incoming requests, and scale up instantly to meet demand spikes.

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Similar Environments Kubernetes Dockers

Similar Cloud Native Experience

Run containerized applications in familiar Kubernetes and Docker environments. Interact with the platform to manage your applications similar to native Kubernetes with no change to your container tech stack and no vendor lock-in!

ECP Global Coverage

ECP places high-performance compute, storage, and network resources as close as possible to end users and allows customers to write applications once and deploy them everywhere. CDNetworks’ global points of presence (PoPs) are organized into four “server groups” based on cost.





We define different prices for traffic served from the four groups. In this way, customers can fully customize performance and cost for different regions in the world. ECP covers the most significant areas on the planet, and continues to expand its global network reach at a rapid pace.

How it Works

ECP is an edge computing service built on the same successful infrastructure behind CDNetworks’ Content Delivery Network (CDN). Similar to the way CDN works, ECP slashes the distance between an application and its end users or clients by distributing application servers to edge locations throughout the world. Incoming traffic routed by the GSLB is handled and processed by servers residing in nearby edge PoPs, which results in minimal latency, less bandwidth costs, and enhanced data locality.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. ECP is an edge container hosting service built on Kubernetes and Docker. It offers lightweight edge computing for containerized applications.

Yes. Feel free to bring your own or 3rd party container registry. But consider using ECP container registry to take advantage of accelerated uploads and downloads.

Yes. All OCI-compliant images are supported, regardless of which tool is used to build the images.

Usually, the deployment takes seconds, which is significantly faster than with VMs. The actual time needed depends on several factors, particularly image size and the time it takes to download the image. What we’ve observed is that this can be fine tuned to be as fast as below 10s.

Yes. There are resources available in China, but these resources are on-demand only. Depending on your use case, ICP beian license might be required to comply with Chinese government regulations.