High-Speed Data Transmission

Boost your enterprise application speed

High-speed Data Transmission (HDT) is designed to optimize big data TCP/UDP application acceleration over long distance.

High-Speed Data Transmission accelerates both TCP & UDP protocol applications with superior performance and benefits. For example, HDT boosts the file transfer speed without compromising performance or security. It is tailored to help Fortune 500 companies accelerate large enterprise applications running across continents.

Smart Routing

Web and application data travels the fastest path with the best success rate

Multi-Path Transfer

Multiple paths used to transmit and merge data, significantly improving speed

Proprietary Protocol

Efficiency with our bandwidth estimation, rapid retransmission and fast recovery technology

Global Load Balancing

Access to the closest edge server and shield server for the source and destination with over 1,500 Points of Presence

Data Security

Data encryption and origin IP masking protects content from known/emerging threats

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HDT Free Trial

Enjoy two week free trial, followed by our best global application acceleration service!

HDT Global Coverage

No matter what industry you’re in, CDNetworks High-Speed Data Transmission accelerates your applications with superior performance and benefits for your global end users.

Product Benefits

CDNetworks High-Speed Data Transmission accelerates both TCP and UDP protocol applications with superior performance and benefits.

No Software Installation

Unlimited Size

VOIP/Video Conferencing Tools

100x Faster

You get more than file transfer


Email & Instant Messaging

HTTP/HTTPS-based Applications

FTP & SFTP-based Applications

VOIP/Video Conferencing Tools

Customer Relationship Management

Supply Chain Management

Enterprise Resources Planning

Our HDT Solution is Built for Every Industry

Industry Challenge Data & Files Type(s) File Size Range
Semiconductor Manufacturing Transfer an exponential number of large IC design files internationally within short time frames to meet design and production deadlines Netlist & Floor Planning (CAD) 10-100+GB
Biotech/Life Science Exchange large genomic sequencing data sets between many global project participants for processing and archiving Genome Data Sets 100+ GB/set
Enterprise Cloud Share files and data from business-critical applications between global teams that is accessible to employees anywhere on any device Audio, video, images, word, pdf, instant messages, CRM files 10-100+GB
Oil & Energy Securely transmit 3D seismic exploration data from remote locations to global HPC centers for processing, analysis, and distribution to partners Seismic, Sensor & Log Data < 20 TB/month
Media Entertainment Transfer large computer-generated files internationally, possibly from remote filming locations, to consolidate and edit at production offices Video, Audio and Images 10-100+GB
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Enterprise Secure Access

Zero-Trust Access to Secure Hybrid Network