Media Acceleration VoD

Deliver high quality video on-demand (VoD) anywhere and on any device.

CDNetworks Media Acceleration VoD delivers high-quality video on demand to any device running any operating system in any location. Features such as customized caching, intelligent scheduling and control system ensure your media content is always delivered to end users over optimal paths for peak performance and reliability. Integration with Object Storage, media processing, and security protection, CDNetworks provides flexible and secure video on demand acceleration services.

CDNetworks Media Acceleration VoD also provides customized solutions and value-added services that best fit their target markets to achieve unmatched performance, spur their growth roadmap, and deliver substantial business results. 



Fast Delivery

Accelerate delivery of media content with CDNetworks’ highly efficient CDN to ensure a fast, reliable, and high-quality user experience.

High Availability

High quality of service with redundancy is our highest priority when providing smooth video streaming to content providers.


Access control includes features such as token authentication, geo-blocking, and IP whitelisting and blacklisting

Robust Stream Protection

Anti-hotlinking, digital encryption, and copyright mark prevent your content from being copied or stolen online.

Video Configuration

Flexible cache policies for cache configuration, dynamic bit rate, and intelligent video buffering.

Media Processing

Rich media processing features including video/audio transcoding, transmuxing, video editing, etc.

Multi-protocol Support


Stable and Fast Streaming

CDNetworks offers unparalleled user experiences by optimizing content for quick and secure delivery over our global edge network. With over 20 years of media delivery experience, CDNetworks is trusted by media companies around the world. Global deployment of the following resources ensures that your content is delivered closer to your users to provide a superior, flawless, and reliable experience:

Cloud VoD Stable Smooth Playback

Security and Protection

Media Acceleration VoD protects your online content by encrypting the content itself, securing the distribution process, or controlling viewing access.

Content protection features include anti-hotlinking, IP whitelists and blacklists, back-to-origin authentication, watermarking, and HTTPS anti-hijacking to safeguard the delivery of your content.

DRM copyright protection combined with license verification ensures that the content will not be copied.

Adaptive Video Processing

Media Acceleration VoD supports multiple codecs to reduce the size of your streaming videos for delivery to a wide online audience while ensuring an outstanding viewing experience. A rich set of video transcoding features allow you to configure media files for multiple bitrates, resolutions, and encoding formats to reach the widest audience possible, regardless of viewing devices and network environments. Features such as watermarking, video cutting, cropping and splicing allow you to easily edit your video footage to achieve your vision.

Media Delivery Any Device
Reduce Live Streaming Cost

Reduced Cost

Large server networks with proximity to end users typically have onerous manufacturing and maintenance costs that translate into a big expense for content providers. CDNetworks provides high-quality CDN distribution and media content management services at affordable prices. Our globally distributed CDN Points of Presence deliver your media content from anywhere to any devices. Object storage helps manage and process your media files. These features allow you to focus on your content and business, without distractions about server maintenance and costs.

How it Works

Video websites provide media content to their users. CDNetworks Media Acceleration VoD provides assists with the delivery of media content using our high-quality CDN distribution and media content management services.

CDNetworks fetches media content from an origin server and delivers the content to your users using the optimal path identified by our Global Balancing System.

With Object Storage and Media Processing Center, you can easily process your media content to suit your requirements using features such as transmuxing, transcoding, screenshots, and video trimming.

To safeguard your content, our monitoring center performs real-time monitoring to identify suspicious behavior and raise an alarm immediately so that potential breaches can be addressed quickly and completely.

Media Acceleration VOD Diagram

K+ VSTV and CDNetworks Deliver a Superior Viewing Experience to Our Audience Regardless of Scale

“CDNetworks provides excellent service. In particular, the playback of CDNetworks’ streaming service is extremely smooth. They truly are experts when it comes to media delivery.”
– Mr. Nguyen Manh Toan – Head of OTT at VSTV (K+)