High-speed Data Transmission

Boost performance for your IP-based enterprise applications

High-speed Data Transmission (HDT) is an application acceleration service that allows enterprises to deliver IP applications to global users quickly, securely, and reliably, without requiring dedicated IT infrastructures.

By leveraging CDNetworks technologies and globally distributed PoP resources, HDT can accelerate TCP and UDP data transfers between multiple locations worldwide at speeds up to 100x faster than standard methods and achieve 99.9% availability, without incurring the real-time latency, packet loss, and inefficiencies of the public Internet.


Broad PoP Resources

Enables fast access to data from the edge servers closest to the requesting end users and origin.

Smart Route

Adapts to changes in network conditions and chooses the optimal path that offers the best speed and success rate for end users to reach the origin.


Improves overall transmission performance with rapid retransmissions, packet replication, and fast recovery algorithms.


Transmits data over multiple paths to ensure reliable high-speed content delivery over congested networks.


Data encryption and origin IP masking protect content from known and emerging threats.


Deployment can be completed in minutes without requiring additional hardware or software.

Supports Most IP-based Enterprise Applications

HDT accelerates application data at Layer 4 using a proprietary protocol between the edge and shield without changing the TCP/UDP payload during acceleration. In this way, HDT supports nearly all TCP/UDP-based applications.

Outstanding Acceleration Performance

Backed by a broad footprint of infrastructure and advanced techniques, HDT offers superior acceleration performance with high efficiency.


Leveraging the mainland of China and near China PoPs, HDT allows you to reach customers in China’s mainland with or without an Internet Content Provider (ICP) certification. In addition, HDT Virtual Private Line delivers an exceptional user experience for applications running businesses in China’s mainland, but which do not meet ICP requirements.

Asia Delivery

HDT 全球覆盖

HDT covers the most significant areas on the planet, and continues to expand its global network reach to accommodate customer needs.


HDT works by establishing a highway (or HDT “tunnel”) between the end user and the origin with the PoP resources of the HDT platform. The HDT software monitors network conditions constantly and adjusts the HDT tunnel accordingly by applying fast access and smart route techniques to optimize data transfers.

Through this tunnel, HDT applies protocol optimization, and multi-path transfer techniques to improve data transmissions and application performance.

High-Speed Data Transfer Diagram

What does our CTO say about HDT?

Bin Ni

“HDT has been trusted by many customers to combat the uncertainty of the internet with fast and reliable service for users around the globe. I’m confident that its superior performance will bring application acceleration to the next level in the industry.”

Bin Ni, CTO of CDNetworks

HDT 解决方案适用于各行各业

行业 需求 数据&文件类型 文件大小
半导体制造 短时间内在国际范围内传输大型 IC 设计文件,以满足设计和生产的最后期限 排线表和规划图(CAD) 10-100+GB
生物技术/生命科学 在许多全球项目组之间交换大型基因组测序数据集以进行处理和存档 基因组数据集 100+ GB/set
企业云 在全球团队之间共享来自关键业务应用程序的文件和数据,员工可以随时随地通过任何设备访问这些文件和数据 音频、视频、图像、word、pdf、即时消息、CRM 文件 10-100+GB
石油&能源 将 3D 地震勘探数据从远程位置安全传输到全球 HPC 中心进行处理、分析和分发给合作伙伴 地震、传感器和日志数据 < 20 TB/month
媒体娱乐 在国际范围内的多个办公室之前传输大型文件,以便进行整合和编辑 视频,音频和图片 10-100+GB




基于 HTTP/HTTPS 协议的应用

基于 FTP & SFTP 的应用






CDNetworks HDT 解决方案以卓越的性能加速了 基于 TCP 和 UDP 协议的应用程序