Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS

Fast, secure and reliable DNS Service anywhere in the world

CDNetworks offers a managed cloud-based authoritative DNS (CDNS) service that is secure, reliable and scalable and offers high performance under any traffic conditions from anywhere in the world. Implementing CDNS is as simple as three easy steps including organization of domains into zone files, zone file publishing, and delegation change through the domain registrar. Once the zone is offloaded to CDNS – our secure, reliable, scalable and global infrastructure will ensure website consistent availability and responsiveness to users around the world.

Globally-distributed platform with over 40 strategic locations worldwide.

CDNetworks Managed Cloud DNS ensures that your website always displays up-to-date data in near real-time through a globally-distributed platform across over 40 strategic locations worldwide. These multiple locations provide built-in redundancy and DDoS protection, so DNS queries can always be answered with correct information. Cloud DNS can seamlessly scale up to an unlimited number of domains and queries, and any changes or additions to the DNS configuration are validated by the Cloud DNS server to avoid any downtime caused by configuration error.

Cloud DNS Highlights

User portal with advanced management and control features

Ensures DNS security, protecting against spoofing and cache poisoning

Always available thanks to built-in redundancy

Fast response across the globe

Cloud DNS Features

Staging Server

DNS changes are configured on a staging server allowing administrators to conduct testing and validation.

DNS Record Types

The following RR types are supported. A, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, TXT

Complete Outsourcing

No hardware/software infrastructure. No system maintenance.

Zone Transfer

Transfer zones from primary name server to Cloud DNS name servers.

Advanced Management and Reporting

Hits (domain, RR type, time span and geo-location).


24 x 7 x 365 Support

Global infrastructure

Multiple geographic locations in 48 cities from US to Australia

IP Anycast

BGP Anycast architecture routes requests to the topologically closest server.

Advanced CDN Feature

URL forwarding. CNAME-ing root domain.

Log Reporting

Raw logs sent via FTP to a customer-designated server.

Web Management Portal

Easy UI to manage zones and all RR types.

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