Cloud VoD

An end-to-end solution for your videos.

Cloud VoD is a platform simplifies the process of uploading, processing, and publishing your media. 

Cloud VoD is a centralized video content management solution for ingesting, managing, processing, publishing, distributing and analyzing media content to power every video use case and put your organization at the cutting edge of digital transformation. It is an ideal service responsible for hosting your medias for you and able to stream it, so you don’t have to worry about building any data centers or infrastructure.

Content Management System

CMS is a centralized video content management solution for ingesting, managing, publishing, delivering, and analyzing media content.

Video Processing

With the transcoding tool, your library contributors and users can get fast and powerful video transcoding, and achieve less time consuming in manual work.

Security and Reliability

It efficiently handles and protects your platform against all types of cyber threats. By blocking hotlinkings and protecting copyrights, Cloud VoD can prevent huge losses.

Product Features

Easy Management

The media hosting feature makes it easy to manage your medias. You can create categories to present your content in a way that is easy to navigate.

Robust Protection

It supports multiple video protection functions, including anti-leeching, playback authentication, and AES encryption.

Full-feature API

Our API is specifically designed for quick and easy integration of rich features into a wide variety of cloud video applications.

Flexible Processing

High concurrent capabilities enable you to process with large amounts of UGC files. And video Editor improves the efficiency of video editing.

Fast Delivery

Our leading CDN across the globe ensures videos get to audience quickly and safely, most importantly is the great quality.

How It Works

Previously, if a developer wanted to roll their own video platform, they’d have to build an entire infrastructure which is capable of handling transcoding, content delivery, and playback, each of those are billed differently, which is hard for those developers who want to setup video themselves.

Cloud VoD essentially bundles all the above parts into a single product. It is embedded with Content Management System where users need to login to add content, upload video, view video analytics which include, detailed insights of video performance such as, video watch time, total number of video views, unique views and impressions; stats on user visits, location and behavior on the site can be extended by customers who has deeper requirements.

Cloud VOD Diagram
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