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Slow Site Performance Hurts Ecommerce Revenue

Online consumers are demanding more engaging and immersive shopping experiences, but have little patience for poor ecommerce performance. Statistics show that 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.

As each second passes, consumers increasingly abandon websites and shopping carts for new ecommerce destinations ─ never to return. Even a one-second delay decreases page views by 11%. Ecommerce companies frequently struggle to deliver the compelling experiences that consumers demand at the speeds that keep them loyal and engaged.

Ecommerce Acceleration Keeps Consumers Engaged

CDNetworks accelerates ecommerce sites in ways that maximize sales and increase ROI. From product videos and images, to dynamic shopping carts and SSL certificates, our web acceleration solutions and global ecommerce CDN make it easy to reduce site abandonment and increase conversion rates. Leading ecommerce companies turn to CDNetworks to achieve their performance goals, including:

  • Gaining a global CDN presence to reach 99 percent of the world in just a few milliseconds
  • Scaling applications and websites with little pre-planning and no additional CapEx
  • Managing massive and unexpected traffic spikes due to special marketing campaigns or sudden distributed denial of service attacks
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Trusted by Global Retailers

Unrivaled Ecommerce Performance to More of the World 

Ecommerce companies are ensuring 100 percent uptime and increasing global site performance by as much as 1,000 percent with the CDNetworks global CDN. Leveraging our presence on six continents and a purpose-built suite of Dynamic Web Acceleration solutions, ecommerce leaders are penetrating both the world’s largest and most challenging markets, simultaneously. The end results are increased revenue and higher returns on investment.

The CDNetworks Web Performance Suite addresses the critical site performance needs of ecommerce companies operating in a global competitive landscape. The following specific features and benefits make us their ecommerce CDN of choice for serving today’s demanding online consumers.

Features & Benefits:

Global Reach
CDNetworks uniquely provides the best site performance to shoppers anywhere in the world. This enables ecommerce companies to offer the most engaging shopping experiences to 99 percent of the world in milliseconds, without worrying about site abandonment. Learn More

PCI Certified
CDNetworks is PCI certified. This means CDNetworks adheres to the technical requirements of PCI standards regarding system-level and application-level policies, including log data centralization, monitoring, and reporting for security and audit purposes. Not only do ecommerce companies benefit from the fastest path to purchase, they do so at the highest level of security standards compliance.
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China Acceleration
CDNetworks offers the world’s only global CDN with infrastructure and staff in mainland China. The service includes full scalability, reliability, and high performance for content and applications in China and across the globe. Ecommerce companies are benefitting from China Acceleration by delighting shoppers in the world’s largest and fastest growing market of online consumers. Learn More

Intelligent Load Balancing
The CDNetworks intelligent, cloud-based load balancer delivers peace of mind to ecommerce companies that want to ensure continuous robust site performance, even during unexpected and massive traffic surges. The flexible solution also enables site managers to specify content delivery policies based on real-time conditions and end-user targets. This empowers you to react to market-specific conditions while never compromising on the shopping experience, site availability, and operational efficiency. Learn More

Cloud DNS
Without the Domain Name System (DNS), online visitors cannot reach your website. CDNetworks offers the world’s most authoritative Cloud DNS network that ensures 100 percent uptime and faster access to your ecommerce site. As you expand and penetrate more markets globally, there is no need to build and maintain complex network and system infrastructure for your ecommerce site(s). With CDNetworks managing and optimizing your DNS, you can focus more resources on growing your core business. Learn More