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Passport to the Web

CDNetworks is fanatical about Web Performance and we combine this with our expertise of regional markets.  In this blog we’ll discuss many topics including business and marketing topics like emerging market strategies (e.g. China, Russia) and deep dive into technical topics including end user experience, web acceleration best practices, and other issues seen by our customers. We hope that this blog will help us to better connect with you and you with us and that you will find our postings relevant, informative, and actionable.

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10 Common Questions about Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

September 10, 2014, William Vuong
Top 10 Questions about Content Delivery Networks

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are are interconnected networks of servers strategically placed around the globe to accelerate web content delivery, reduce load times, improve online user experiences, and much more. CDNs provide web entities with an easy to deploy solution for quickly scaling and optimizing web performance anywhere in the world.
However simple it is to deploy CDN solutions, there are many frequently asked questions about engaging its services. Here are the 10 most common questions about CDN solutions…

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

Analyzing the Performance Impact of edns-client-subnet on CDN: Part 2

September 4, 2014, Jeehoon Kim
DNS impact CDN performance

Continuing from the previous post, this post will discuss how supporting edns-client-subnet in global load balancing changes CDN performance. I enabled edns-client-subnet support in CDNetworks’ GSLB for Cedexis domains and compared before and after results. This will give a clear view of what is changed. Note that Cedexis Radar is RUM (Real User Measurement), so the actual […]

Jeehoon Kim Jeehoon Kim
Performance Engineer

Analyzing The Performance Impact of edns-client-subnet on CDN: Part 1

August 29, 2014, Junho Choi
DNS Impact on CDN

CDNetworks has been a member of A Faster Internet and added support of edns-client-subnet extension to our platform. In this post I’ll talk about what we have seen recently as well as the actual impact of global CDN performance. This article has 2 parts: Part 1: Introduction of edns-client-subnet and worldwide distribution of Google DNS […]

Junho Choi Junho Choi
CTO/Performance Team Lead

CDNetworks Achieves 95% Customer Satisfaction

August 27, 2014, Will Rahim

CDNetworks Customer Support hits another major milestone – 95% Customer Satisfaction level achieved six consecutive months. Our customers continue to express their delight in dealing with our best-in-class technical services teams.

Will Rahim Will Rahim
Head of Global Services and Support

China’s Internet Population Reached 632 Million – More Key Stats from the Latest CNNIC Report

August 27, 2014, William Vuong
CNNIC China Internet Report Icon

According to the latest (34th) ‘Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development’ China’s internet population has reached 632 Million. The report is published semi-annually by the Ministry of Information and produced by The Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). The report presents detailed statistics on China’s latest internet user demographics and trends. Results are taken from a survey, […]

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

How Web Performance Can Positively Shape the Online User Experience

August 6, 2014, William Vuong
Web User Experience

Optimal web performance is essential for ensuring a great online user experience and should be a top priority for brands with a digital presence. Unfortunately, there are still websites and web entities that fail to properly address slow load times, poor site designs, and sub-par mobile experiences. Poor web performance is often a result of placing […]

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

CDNetworks 2014 Customer Survey

July 23, 2014, Sharon Bell

We asked customers to compare their website or web application performance before and after implementing CDNetworks. Below are the survey results.

Sharon Bell Sharon Bell
CDNetworks, Director of Marketing, Americas & EMEA

3 Reasons Why Improving Ecommerce Website Speed is a Must

July 17, 2014, William Vuong
ecommerce website speed

Competition is fierce in ecommerce and appealing offers and product selections alone are no longer sufficient for sustaining a competitive edge. Online shoppers demand a good user experience comprised of user-friendliness, site reliability, and speed (responsiveness). Of these components, website speed continues to grow in importance due to its direct impact on sales and conversions.

Many studies and articles have been published, stressing the importance of website speed and its impact on sales. A slow loading and unresponsive website is a major deterrent, as the average online user will only tolerate load time of up to 2 seconds. In addition to keeping shoppers engaged, improving website speed will put you ahead of the competition for the following reasons:

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

The Business Impacts of Website Speed – and Ways to Accelerate

July 9, 2014, William Vuong
APM Digest Logo

This is a shared post, originally published on the APM digest Let’s face it, people hate waiting in lines. Whether it’s a line of traffic for a toll booth on the highway, a line at the grocery store, or the never-ending lines at retail stores during the holiday season, people will do almost anything to […]

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

Accelerating Web Performance in China – Hong Kong May not be the Right Solution

July 1, 2014, William Vuong
Hong Kong

It is no secret that reducing latency is a top priority for many web entities trying to reach China’s massive and rapidly growing online population. Latency is mainly a result of the inefficiencies of the internet when requiring data to travel long distances between the server and the end user. Due to its proximity to […]

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast