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Passport to the Web

CDNetworks is fanatical about Web Performance and we combine this with our expertise of regional markets.  In this blog we’ll discuss many topics including business and marketing topics like emerging market strategies (e.g. China, Russia) and deep dive into technical topics including end user experience, web acceleration best practices, and other issues seen by our customers. We hope that this blog will help us to better connect with you and you with us and that you will find our postings relevant, informative, and actionable.

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Global is Still the Key

November 24, 2014, Tom Nicolson

The news this week that Edgecast was blocked in China, bringing to its knees “thousands of websites” in the process, brought into sharp focus the challenges that ambitious companies face to achieve true global performance. CDNs have evolved tremendously since their founding in the late nineties – despite the entry of a plethora of smaller […]

Tom Nicolson Tom Nicolson

To reach China, your CDN must be licensed to deliver in China

November 20, 2014, John Kang
The Great Firewall

Ensuring your website is not blocked in China goes beyond ensuring the content is acceptable (i.e., the Great Firewall).  Companies must do their due diligence when deciding on their Content Delivery Network (CDN) vendors if they are doing business in China because not all CDNs are licensed to host and deliver web content within Mainland […]

John Kang John Kang
Vice President of Business Development

22 Stats for Understanding China’s Internet Market

November 18, 2014, William Vuong

Each year on Singles Day, similar to Cyber Monday in the US, the amount of shoppers visiting China’s most popular ecommerce sites exceed the entire Brazilian population. Single’s Day 2014 generated over 9 Billion dollars in online sales revenue, nearly doubling last year’s total. This massive online consumer base plus exponential market potential puts China […]

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

The Checklist All Online Gambling Site Managers Must Have

November 10, 2014, Corina Cooper

The Next-Gen CDN Checklist Selecting the right type of content delivery network (CDN) is a critical decision when it comes to the security and performance of your online gambling website. As demonstrated in the case study featuring online gambling enterprise, Bally Technologies a next-generation CDN provides outstanding value in terms of optimizing user experiences and […]

Corina Cooper Corina Cooper
Marketing Programs Manager

What is a CDN? Learn the Basics from these Short Videos

November 5, 2014, William Vuong
CDN Basics

What is a CDN? In a nutshell, it is an interconnected network of servers placed around the world for faster delivery of web content (websites and applications) to the end user. Reducing the distance web content is required to travel between the server and end user, reduces the load time and improves the overall browsing […]

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

Update on SSLv3 “POODLE” Security Vulnerability

October 28, 2014, Junho Choi

Immediately following the public disclosure of the POODLE vulnerability(CVE-2014-3566), CDNetworks disabled CBC ciphers for use with SSLv3 connections to protect our customers and their users. All traffic delivered via CDNetworks has been fully protected from POODLE since then. As part of our continual process of security enhancements, we will begin fully disabling support for SSLv3 […]

Junho Choi Junho Choi
CTO/Performance Team Lead

Two Big Changes Ahead in Cloud Storage: Hybrid and Data Sovereignty

October 28, 2014, CDNetworks

Guest Blogger – Ajay Patel, Co-founder and CEO, HighQ Cloud storage has undergone several changes and adaptations throughout its short history, particularly with regards to pricing, scale and accessibility. Today, there are cloud storage options to meet the needs of most users, from individual consumers to the most security conscious enterprises. I predict that cloud storage […]

CDNetworks CDNetworks Inc.
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Security Update: SSLv3 “POODLE” Vulnerability

October 17, 2014, Junho Choi

Recently Google reported a critical vulnerability in the design of SSL version 3.  This vulnerability allows the plaintext of secure connections to be manipulated by a network attacker. SSL 3.0 is nearly 18 years old, but support for it remains widespread, particularly with old browsers. To mitigate this issue, CDNetworks has removed all CBC ciphers […]

Junho Choi Junho Choi
CTO/Performance Team Lead

5 Considerations for Preparing Your Ecommerce Site for the Holiday Shopping Season

October 16, 2014, William Vuong
Site Monitoring

With the holidays fast approaching, site managers are preparing for the massive waves of online shoppers. While promotional activities, updating the online catalog and creating appealing offers are all important elements of maximizing the anticipated holiday sales revenue, web performance also plays a critical role. Is your site absolutely ready to accommodate high volume traffic surges […]

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

Challenges and Opportunities for Travel Sites Targeting China’s Outbound Traveler – Whitepaper

October 9, 2014, Corina Cooper

Today, China has become a “must have” market for Western-based online travel sites. Western online retailers and brands have benefitted from the massive growth in China’s online consumers, and so too are the early moving travel sites tapping China’s international travelers. Three factors make the China market so attractive: explosive growth in international travel; strong […]

Corina Cooper Corina Cooper
Marketing Programs Manager