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Passport to the Web

CDNetworks is fanatical about Web Performance and we combine this with our expertise of regional markets.  In this blog we’ll discuss many topics including business and marketing topics like emerging market strategies (e.g. China, Russia) and deep dive into technical topics including end user experience, web acceleration best practices, and other issues seen by our customers. We hope that this blog will help us to better connect with you and you with us and that you will find our postings relevant, informative, and actionable.

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5 Websites that Successfully Leverage Dynamic Content Experiences to Increase Sales

January 22, 2015, Sharon Bell
Vector concept of customer experience and reward

Learn more about websites that excel at dynamic web acceleration by leveraging interactive content to increase sales and improve user experience.

Sharon Bell Sharon Bell
CDNetworks, Director of Marketing, Americas & EMEA

What We Can Learn from 5 Ecommerce Performance Slowdowns in 2014

January 19, 2015, Sharon Bell
Cute snail cartoon running - internet speed

Last year, we wrote about 5 Notable Ecommerce Site Crashes that happened during the 2013 holiday season. Unfortunately, for many online retailers in 2014, the 27.2% year-over-year increase in mobile sales was bittersweet. In addition to myriad factors of technical complexity, experts have said that some ecommerce performance slowdowns this year were due to this […]

Sharon Bell Sharon Bell
CDNetworks, Director of Marketing, Americas & EMEA

How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for User Experience & Speed

January 9, 2015, Andrew Nguyen
Shoppers Race for the Best Deal

If you want to have your ecommerce shoppers and convert them too, then your ecommerce website should be designed and optimized with a dual focus on user experience and website speed. The following factors will vary by company but are important considerations for finding the best course of action to reach your user experience and […]

Andrew Nguyen Andrew Nguyen

17 Buzzwords Required to Understand Application Delivery Networks (ADNs)

December 30, 2014, Sharon Bell

Google is great for many things; however, when defining application delivery network technology, it can be argued that it does more harm than good. As such, researching the concept of an application delivery network (ADN) can be a frustrating and exhausting process if you don’t already understand industry buzzwords. It can be difficult to weed […]

Sharon Bell Sharon Bell
CDNetworks, Director of Marketing, Americas & EMEA

6 Common China Acceleration Hurdles to Overcome

December 16, 2014, Alex Ha

Once your enterprise’s web content can successfully, efficiently, and consistently reach its Chinese audience, you can expect a subsequent revenue increase. China’s growing Internet economy deserves all the attention it receives; ranked #1 in the world, it reached 109 billion Yuan (~US$16B) by the third quarter of 2012, up 64% year-over-year. Like most good things […]

Alex Ha Alex Ha
Vice President of Service & Support

The ecommerce CDN: Big, robust, dynamic

December 16, 2014, Tom Nicolson
ecommerce people

A Content Delivery Network is designed to hold and deliver huge levels of traffic to keep ecommerce sites working irrespective of traffic spikes.

Tom Nicolson Tom Nicolson
New Business Executive

What’s the Difference between an Application Delivery Network and a Content Delivery Network?

December 9, 2014, Junho Choi

What’s the difference between an application delivery network and a content delivery network? In the most general sense, CDNs optimize static content while ADNs are typically responsible for web acceleration of dynamic content. Each solution is designed to accelerate the web experience while reducing load times.

Junho Choi Junho Choi
CTO/Performance Team Lead

Effects of Implementing an Application Delivery Network

November 26, 2014, William Vuong
Application Management and Delivery

Application performance management (APM) is increasing out of necessity. If the success or functionality of your business is critically dependent on reliable application or cloud performance (i.e. ecommerce or mobile internal/client communications), then you’re most likely in the market for an application delivery network (ADN). Let’s take a look at some of the challenges an […]

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

Global is Still the Key

November 24, 2014, Tom Nicolson

The news this week that Edgecast was blocked in China, bringing to its knees “thousands of websites” in the process, brought into sharp focus the challenges that ambitious companies face to achieve true global performance. CDNs have evolved tremendously since their founding in the late nineties – despite the entry of a plethora of smaller […]

Tom Nicolson Tom Nicolson
New Business Executive

To reach China, your CDN must be licensed to deliver in China

November 20, 2014, John Kang
The Great Firewall

Ensuring your website is not blocked in China goes beyond ensuring the content is acceptable (i.e., the Great Firewall).  Companies must do their due diligence when deciding on their Content Delivery Network (CDN) vendors if they are doing business in China because not all CDNs are licensed to host and deliver web content within Mainland […]

John Kang John Kang
Vice President of Business Development