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Passport to the Web

CDNetworks is fanatical about Web Performance and we combine this with our expertise of regional markets.  In this blog we’ll discuss many topics including business and marketing topics like emerging market strategies (e.g. China, Russia) and deep dive into technical topics including end user experience, web acceleration best practices, and other issues seen by our customers. We hope that this blog will help us to better connect with you and you with us and that you will find our postings relevant, informative, and actionable.

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Fast page load times a top priority for the French

April 18, 2014, Franziska Beier

Over 82% of the people surveyed ranked page load times as “one of a website’s most important features.” That figure rose to 90% among the self-employed and 100% among managers and executives.

Franziska Beier Franziska Beier

Ecommerce Readiness Index Ranks China as #2

April 14, 2014, Sharon Bell

Forrester has developed an “Ecommerce Readiness Index” by country measuring a 360-degree view of a region’s online retail readiness, factors such as consumer payment behavior, courier infrastructure, and disposable income must also be considered.

Sharon Bell Sharon Bell
CDNetworks, Director of Marketing, Americas & EMEA

CDNetworks is not vulnerable to Heartbleed issue of OpenSSL

April 9, 2014, Junho Choi

Fortunately, CDNetworks SSL service for Content Acceleration and Dynamic Web Acceleration is not vulnerable to this bug. CDNetworks use a different SSL implementation other than OpenSSL for SSL delivery to end users, which is not impacted by this OpenSSL bug.

Junho Choi Junho Choi
CTO/Performance Team Lead

Travel & tourism ecommerce: China, the “growth engine” of international arrivals for 2014

April 1, 2014, Jo Bance
international arrivals

Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders on travel and tourism – $102 billion in 2012 – (UNWTO). This growth is caused by the increasing middle class population who like to spend! To ensure travel and tourism firms don’t get left behind, it is paramount that this year firms enhance their ecommerce website performance to make sure that they maximize revenue from these countries. If you are serious about extending to China, then you need to make a fast performing website your top priority. Your web visitors in China deserve to have the same great experience as the rest of the world.

Jo Bance Jo Bance
Marketing Programs Manager EMEA

CDNetworks Accelerates Tourism in Peru

March 19, 2014, Sharon Bell

With one of the world’s New7Wonders (Machu Picchu) tourism is the most rapidly growing industry in Peru—increasing annually at a rate of 9% since 2002, according to World Economic Forum. Peru tourism is growing faster than any other country in South America, owing to the relatively safe situation and diverse Amazon forests, warm beaches, and […]

Sharon Bell Sharon Bell
CDNetworks, Director of Marketing, Americas & EMEA

Top 5 questions asked by ecommerce managers when looking for the right CDN provider

March 18, 2014, Jo Bance
ecommerce basket

It was great to be part of a very informative roundtable in London last week entitled “Performance optimisation: Improving user experience(UX) and customer engagement through website speed and security” UK and German e-tailers discussed the problem of web performance and in particular web speed. I wanted to share the top 5 questions and answers.

Jo Bance Jo Bance
Marketing Programs Manager EMEA

Should You Build Datacenters or Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

March 12, 2014, Sharon Bell

Reaching a globally dispersed customer base with your web presence does not have to be expensive or difficult to achieve. As you weigh your options for addressing remote audiences, you may consider building more datacenters, or outsourcing to a content delivery network. In today’s cost-competitive environment, the ability to achieve ROI in months rather than years makes outsourcing to a CDN a simple choice.

Sharon Bell Sharon Bell
CDNetworks, Director of Marketing, Americas & EMEA

China Aims at Becoming an Internet Superpower

March 10, 2014, William Vuong
China - Internet Super Power

“Informatization and internet security are major strategic barriers concerning the country’s development and security, as well as peoples’ lives and work,” stated by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, as he addressed the Internet Security and Informatization leading group for the first time last month. According to a report from Xinhua, China’s state news agency, the […]

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

Old Chinese New Year Tradition Moves Online

February 4, 2014, William Vuong
WeChat Hong Bao Giving App

As people wished each other “恭喜发财 – Gong Xi Fa Cai” (wealth and prosperity) during the first day of Chinese new year last Friday, millions of red envelopes (红包- hong baos) stuffed with cash were exchanged among family and friends. Giving hong baos, a tradition dating back to the Qin Dynasty (221-207 B.C.), is a symbolic gesture of wishing someone good luck and a prosperous new year.

However, this tradition has taken on an online format as China increasingly embraces the benefits of ecommerce and online transactions. Online hong bao giving has gained enormous popularity as more and more recipients prefer to receive their ‘lucky money’ via electronic means. A recent study by Avanti Research Partners shows that 58% of respondents preferred having hong baos directly deposited into their accounts…

William Vuong William Vuong
Web Communications Enthusiast

CDNs Allow Ecommerce Sites to Follow the Buyers

January 29, 2014, Sharon Bell

Recognizing that global CDNs provide the best means for serving an international audience, it would seem reasonable to sign up for CDN services with an ecommerce platform vendor’s CDN partner.

Sharon Bell Sharon Bell
CDNetworks, Director of Marketing, Americas & EMEA