The circumstance of global internet communication – the structure of fast data transmission

The circumstance of global internet communication – the structure of fast data transmission

International network communication is slow

As we have mentioned the article before ( ), The international network communication tends to be slower than the Japanese one.It will drastically impede the satisfaction on Website for the consumer. As a result, this would lose business chance because it causes your customers to leave your website at the end.Recently, this kind of latency problem has much more important to be solved, not just for Active Web contents (*1), but also data transmission among companies and bases (Especially for high capacity file or company’s application like CRM and EPR).* 1: The contents which require the server-side processing such as search, reservation, payment depending on the end user’s request.

Why does latency in international communication happen?

About Round Trip Time
RTT (Round Trip Time) indicates the round time between the transmission and the reception. It becomes longer in international communication.The main reason could be the “distance of the network.” International communication becomes slower as Japan has a smaller territory.The international traffic tends to be congested than domestic one (Network Congestion), which also causes the latency. If it is in the network Congestion, the packet (*2) loss tends to happen, then this one even the reason for latency.* 2: It is loss of chunk of packet and data during data transmission
About Round Trip Number
Another thing is the RT number (Round Trip Number) meaning the number of RTT.They say that the RT number affects more about the latency than RTT. It can be realized that even if RTT has 0.1 difference and it rounds 10 times, it becomes 1 minute.What is the reason for the RT number increase? You need to understand the feature of TCP protocol.
TCP protocol features
TCP needs the redundancy to establish secure communication among the anonymous on the internet (transmitter and receiver)The representative one is called “3 Way handshake.”It is like a self-introducing. The communication starts after mutual understandings. When you even want to communicate with data, it requires the task of the mutual understanding each time.The data size that you can send at once depends on the window size. You cannot abruptly put the largest size, but you must make it bigger size gradually to avoid congestion. If the packet loss happens, the window size goes back to a smaller internet communication2It is all about the things to construct secure communication among anonymous people.

What you need to solve the latency

It needs network reduction for the RTT reduction. There are 3 solutions as below.
1. Put the origin (the Web server) near
On the other hand, this way loses uniformity.
2. Deal with CDN cache
Recently, it increases the needs which communicate among companies and bases. However, if fewer users access, cache often does not work well. On top of that, the cache is nothing to do with uploading.When a cache does not work well but still you want to solve the latency, the best and common way is the RT number reduction.
3. Decrease RT number
As it was mentioned on the part of TCP protocol, it needs to take a redundant process to communicate anonymous people.Under that situation, each vendor decreases RT number with making the communication “known each other” and reduce it.The method is different from each vendor, products, and service. Each one tries to decrease the RT number with precise internet communication3The exclusive line and MPLS are the other options. However, strictly speaking, it is different from the internet so that we omit them here.

The services offered for general purpose

In general, there are services as below although those have one good and one bad.
WAN Accelerator
It is the way to put special devices at each base and optimize the communication among devices.It needs the same number of devices as the bases. Besides, you need to choose the grade of devices depending on the amount of data.In this way, it costs higher for the device purchase. Also, you need to maintain and manage by yourself.
The software install service
It is one of the most common ways now.At both sides, you install software on both devices. The communication method is different from the vendor.In this way, you need to maintain and manage it by yourself.
Cloud service
It is the way to induce requests to turned to communicate circuit as much as distribution platform offered by CDN.The merit is that the user does not need to switch the way of communication. However, the optimized communication area is limited in the Middle Mile.First Mile and Last mile are not optimized.On the other hand, you do not need to be worried about maintenance and security. It is a pay-as-you-go service, and you can save time and cost.

“High-speed Data Transmission” – Data transmitting acceleration among bases

HDT (High-Speed Data Transmission) by CDNetworks solves the latency problem during data transmission among global bases and achieve high-speed transmitting on both data uploading and downloading without any size limitation.Its responses various types of transmitting acceleration, such as VPN which used to have latency problem so far. It does not need to install client software.The only thing you need to do is to orient the traffic route towards HDT. It is easy because you do not need to touch your management system. It allows you to transmit even large size of data, quickly and internationally, with high cost-efficiency.It is the ideal solution to improve the mutual communication performance all over the world, such as large size data communication among bases, company’s application (CRM/ERP/SCM/FTP/HTTP), video conference tools in organizations, Messenger, and VoIP.We offer a free trial. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you are interested in.Contact Us