Download Acceleration

Download Acceleration

Fuel faster and more reliable downloads

Download Acceleration optimizes the delivery speed of data and media files over our powerful content delivery network.

This product is perfect for large applications, games, video, images and other files. Once the solution is deployed, it is business as usual., and our CDN Platform takes over from there by intelligently distributing the files through our global network, which brings the file closer to the end user.

Acceleration Optimization

• Traffic Scheduling Based on User IP
• Private Download Protocol
• Http 2.0
• Real-time Monitoring Platform

Anti-Hijack & Access Control

• Http DNS – for Solving DNS Hijacking
• Dynamic Eigenvalue
• File Consistency Verification
• MD5 Verification

Traffic Control

• Redundant Bandwidth
• Intelligent Bandwidth Scheduling
• File Prefetching 

Cost Control

• Anti-Hotlinking
• Bandwidth Alarm System
• Download Speed Control
• Total Bandwidth Control
• Spam Slinging

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Download Acceleration Platform

Download Acceleration and Global Load Balancer ensure efficient network operation while redirecting the request of end users to optimal download nodes.

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