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Global Cloud Acceleration & Security: Integrated Web & Applicaiton Acceleration and Security

Delivering Robust Website and Application Functionality via Global Cloud Acceleration & Security

Today’s extended enterprise is truly global, with customers, employees, vendors, partners, and suppliers dispersed worldwide. As a result, businesses are delivering a wider variety of content and mission-critical applications from their websites – everything from industry portals, Software-as-a-Service, advertising, eCommerce, CRM and ERP functionality.

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Yet most organizations quickly realize that the in-house costs and expertise required to deliver high performance to end users around the globe can stall online initiatives. Those businesses that proceed must over-provision hardware, software, and bandwidth to prepare for spikes in user demand, making in-house content and application delivery cost-prohibitive. Alternatively, cobbling together multiple vendors’ services for critical infrastructure components – including content delivery, DNS optimization, media delivery, and storage – results in a lack of accountability, higher costs, and integration challenges.

CDNetworks overcomes these challenges by seamlessly combining all the components necessary for delivering high-performance, robust website and application functionality. These include Cloud Security, acceleration for applications, static and dynamic content, and media, along with cloud-based DNS, load balancing, and storage. And we provide this functionality through business operations and a massive global network on five continents, including a significant presence in mainland China.

CDNetworks natively integrates a set of products that have been purpose-built to work in conjunction with one another. For example, Cloud DNS is optimized for Cloud Load Balancer, which in turn is optimized for Content Acceleration, which itself leverages fast data retrieval from Cloud-Based Storage. Native integration between the products minimizes the number of calls between systems and eliminates unneeded transactions. This speeds delivery of applications and all other content types to end-users.

Web/Application Acceleration

CDNetworks improves performance while maximizing reliability and security.

Web Performance Suite Content Acceleration Dynamic Web Acceleration Dynamic Network Acceleration Media Acceleration Mobile CDN China Acceleration Russia Acceleration

Cloud Security

At CDNetworks, we blend the latest in CDN security with the performance of a distributed cloud-based infrastructure to keep our customers’ websites both high-performing and secure. We incorporate security into everything we do, making the cloud faster and safer for our customers as they innovate and penetrate the world’s most challenging markets.

Cloud Security Web Application Firewall DDoS Protection Secure Application Access

Cloud Services

CDNetworks provides the following cloud-based services.

Cloud Image Optimization Cloud DNS Cloud Storage Cloud Load Balancer Cloud Portal

Global Network

200 points of presence

in 100 cities

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