CDNetworks Released State of the Web Security for 2021 H1: Web Application Attacks Surged 239%

State Of The Web H1 2021 Security Report News Release

Diamond Bar, California USA, January 12, 2022. CDNetworks, the global leader in content delivery networks (CDNs) and cloud security, released State of the Web Security for H1 2021(the Security Report). The Security Report states that distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), web application, bot, and API attacks have an overwhelming increase compared to the same period in 2020 and 2019. Particularly, the CDNetworks security platform monitored and blocked 10.113 billion Web Application attacks, which was 2.39 times higher than that of H1 2020 and 21.66 times higher than that of H1 2019. The statistics show a disturbing security prospects faced by enterprises. It’s crucial for enterprises to take a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to protect their business against the surging cyber-attacks and stay safe.

The Security Report saw a surging trend for all types of attacks:

  • The level of DDoS attacks topped 774.58Gbps, which was 26.62% higher than that in H1 2020
  • Number of web application attacks was 239% higher than that of H1 2020 and exceeded that of the entire of 2020, reaching 10.113 billion
  • Malicious bot surged 3.29 times of the same period of 2020 with 34.147 billion.
  • 253 billion API attacks were monitored and blocked in H1 2021, corresponding to an average of 271.96 attacks per second.

The Security Report goes further and says that compared with network layer DDoS attack, application-layer attacks and business data are increasingly favored by attackers. The purpose of attacks is no longer simply to render a business inaccessible, but rather to focus directly on business-related data. Once an attack succeeds, it will not only affect the business itself, but will provide monetary rewards to hackers who sell the stolen data on the dark web. Moreover, the hacked server will become a resource for future data mining and act as a foothold to infiltrate other targets within the exploited enterprise, creating more benefits for attackers and causing more long-term damage to the victimized enterprise.

When it comes to attack methods, cyberattacks have improved their ability to automate and conceal. It has become commonplace for hackers to use AI to simulate human behavior in order to bypass conventional security policies, thereby making it more difficult to detect intrusions and protect valuable assets.

To protect against cybercriminals, enterprises are forced to stay up to date with the ever-changing threat landscape. Since no individual security measure can guarantee protection against every attack, combining several layers of security, from the network layer to the application layer, has proven to be highly effective when fending off attackers. Attacks missed by a defensive measure at one layer are caught by another defensive measure at the same layer or at succeeding layers. In this way, a layered approach builds a security fortress that’s intercepts sophisticated cyber threats before they can reach core business applications and data.

Comprehensive cloud security solutions will become more popular. CDNetworks’ cloud security solution combines the robust performance of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with enhanced security to deliver customers’ websites in a fast and secure manner. This multi-layered security technology backed by 24/7 support, keeps your business safe from both known malware and unknown cybersecurity attacks.

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