CDNetworks Engages in Streaming Services of World Cup 2022 with Top Popular OTT Platforms in Asia

CDNetworks Engages in Streaming Services of World Cup 2022 with Top Popular OTT Platforms in Asia

Singapore, Singapore, November 18, 2022. CDNetworks, the global-leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Edge Service provider, is proud to partner with a number of Asia-based Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms to deliver streaming services for World Cup 2022. This collaboration is expected to deliver live streaming or video on demand streaming of this worldwide sporting event to millions of CDNetworks’ users.

Highlights of CDNetworks’ Video Streaming Capabilities:

  • Deep Experience in Live Event Streaming:

CDNetworks has more than 20 years of video streaming experience in providing professional media delivery solutions. Most recently, CDNetworks offered OTT platforms the streaming services for major international sporting events including English Premier League, Asian Cup, and Southeast Asian Games.

  • Reliable Streaming at Scale:

With over 200,000 servers and 2,800 CDN Points of Presence, CDNetworks’ content delivery network covers over 70 countries and regions. CDNetworks’ robust network resources ensure optimum viewing experiences for millions of viewers. They also empower live streaming with ultra-low latency at global scale, which helps OTT platforms attract greater audiences and grow their business.

  • Ready-to-Use Onboarding Process:

CDNetworks’ Media Delivery Solutions offer many integration options that OTT platforms can leverage quickly and seamlessly, including multi-language APIs, SDK, and an intuitive console platform. Rapid integration and deployment allow OTT platforms to stream contents globally with minimal time, effort, and cost.

  • Robust Game Streaming Features:

To ensure successful streaming of live events, CDNetworks supports multiple streaming protocols such as RTMP, HDL, HLS, DASH, and QUIC. This support allows service providers to choose the protocol that best suits their viewers and reach audiences of all sizes. CDNetworks also provides features such as live replay, (live) recording, and online video trimming to help OTT platforms gain greater revenue by redistributing content.

  • Secure Video Streaming:

CDNetworks protects platforms beyond their boundaries by encrypting video content as it is distributed. Features such as watermarking, DRM, anti-hotlinking, and anti-hijacking can be used to control viewing access.

  • Multi-Dimensional Stream Analytics for Businesses:

Collecting and analyzing streaming statistics, such as bandwidth, traffic, user agent, and regional distribution of end users, helps platforms gain real-time insights into their business trends, optimize live streaming based on viewer preferences, and understand the impact of their media efforts to make better, more informed business decisions.

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Surveillance:

CDNetworks’ support team provides proactive monitoring and surveillance services for major events with reliable 24/7 continuity. They also ensure that bandwidth and other network resources are sufficient for events and games to avoid server overload and jitter, slow response times, and packet loss. Features such as intelligent scheduling and alert monitoring allow you to achieve the true benefits of live streaming and video on demand without the stress.

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About CDNetworks’ Media Delivery Solutions

CDNetworks’ Media Delivery Solutions ensure the optimum viewing experience for your audience, regardless of whether you deliver live streaming or video on demand. Our robust content-management system, industry-leading content distribution networks, and unparalleled media-processing technologies give you the power to create, process, deliver, and manage your media content without requiring extra costs. CDNetworks empowers you to deliver your video content from anywhere to any device while ensuring low latency, high stability, and security to accelerate your growing video streaming business.

Today, CDNetworks is trusted by media companies around the world. CDNetworks’ Media Delivery Solutions have been used for platforms covering a myriad of industries, including Education, E-Commerce, Film/TV and Media Information, and Video & Entertainment and Gaming. To learn more about how CDNetworks can help your businesses succeed, please contact us or click here for a free trial.

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