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Grabbing and Keeping Global Dollars

Competition is fierce in today's online travel & tourism industry. Airlines, booking agents, hotel operators, car rental agencies, and government-sponsored tourism organizations have dramatically stepped up website efforts to draw in the international travel & tourism audience. Today's consumers demand deeper insights regarding potential destinations through high levels of website interactivity, rich destination previews, and dynamic (non-cacheable) applications and content. As a result, your website must be as engaging and dynamic as possible, by employing application performance solutions. And with consumers showing less and less patience for slow-performing sites, the pressure is on to deliver web application performance without delay.

“We chose CDNetworks because of its reputation of being able to get into distant and developing markets. Given its expertise of the Asian market and in particular China, the decision to work with them was an easy one.”
Francisco Javier Diéguez, Architecture and Infrastructure Manager of Transhotel

"A Travel and Tourism website that books $100,000 per day loses $800,000 in yearly revenue when it experiences just 2% downtime."
Gomez, When more website visitors hurt your business: Are you ready for peak traffic?, December 2010

Deliver Fast, Compelling Experiences to Global Visitors

The CDNetworks Web Performance Suite (WPS) was designed to address the very issues faced by travel & tourism websites today. WPS enables sites to deliver dynamic content and applications - with maximum performance and reliability - anywhere in the world. CDNetworks solves your web application performance problems associated with dynamically generated content by optimizing the middle mile. Because our proven technology reduces the number of data round-trips necessary to complete a web request – even for dynamic content – it accelerates performance and improves the end-user experience.

Dynamic content is non-cacheable due to its highly personalized and time-sensitive nature, which negates the effectiveness of traditional caching techniques in speeding up performance.

Moreover, travel & tourism websites leverage our global footprint to minimize capital expenditures while providing end users with the performance they demand. Our in-country expertise and services in China and Russia, combined with our six-continent footprint, enable travel & tourism businesses to navigate the most challenging regions of the Internet. And our CDN platform seamlessly combines all the components necessary for high-performance delivery of travel & tourism sites' advanced features and applications. These include web application acceleration functionality for content, media, and dynamic social features.

Global Experience. Local Support.

CDNetworks considers exceptional customer service – to you and to your end users – its top priority. We provide leading-edge website and application acceleration technology and unmatched, around-the-clock, worldwide customer support on a 24/7/365 basis.

Support teams, staffed with technical experts, work at our three Network Operations Centers (NOCs) in California, Korea, and Japan 24 hours a day. They relentlessly monitor and manage network traffic at our 140+ full-service POP locations around the globe, ensuring the most effective use of the 1,200 Gbps capacity. These dedicated teams make sure your traffic is efficiently and effectively managed around the clock. They are available to pick up the support line – no matter when or where you call.