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Tap into the China Market Opportunity

With the half a billion internet users in China representing only 40% of the population, China offers a growing  opportunity for selling goods and services online. Disposable incomes are rising and business opportunities are  increasing, so it makes sense that cloud application providers, eCommerce brands, and financial service providers want to reach China. But, if not done correctly, the investment could be wasted. CDNetworks has been operating in China for six years and we’ve learned a lot about how to overcome technological and regulatory hurdles when serving a website in  China.

Through our China CDN, you can capitalize on the opportunity to expand your reach and increase revenues by connecting with China’s vast Internet user community. Our unique and extensive knowledge and experience navigating the business and governmental landscape in China eases your entry into this country. We back our China CDN business savvy with a robust CDN /ADN infrastructure that optimizes content and application delivery across China’s multiple ISPs.

Our local presence (25 points of presence) and experience, and an optimized content distribution infrastructure in China and on six continents, sets us apart. In fact, we are the only content delivery network (CDN) provider to offer full scalability, reliability, and performance for content delivery and application performance both in China and across the globe.

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Infographic – ‘Extending Your Web Business into China’

CDNetworks China Acceleration Coverage

The China Acceleration Difference

  • True China presence. With 25 POPs in mainland China and growing, CDNetworks provides 55 Gbps of capacity to local users. This complements our 140+ POPs located across 6 continents that provide a global capacity of more than 1,100 Gbps.
  • Designed for China delivery. We route content and applications for optimal delivery with minimal latency across China’s Internet to Chinese end users.
  • Simplify business in China. China’s Internet landscape continues to change in real-time. CDNetworks serves as your trusted agent to navigate the changing rules and regulations to minimize their effect on your business.