Cloud Load Balancer

Cloud Load Balancer

Scalable Traffic Management

Global Load Balancing (DNS-Based)

Cloud Load Balancer is built on our Cloud DNS infrastructure, which is secure, reliable and scalable and offers high performance under any traffic conditions from anywhere in the world. CDNetworks allows you to focus on your core business without the need to make investments in infrastructure and personnel. Cloud Load Balancer has been purpose-built to address the web performance needs of enterprises. It is natively integrated with our Web Performance Suite and provides optimal performance when used in conjunction with other products in the suite, such as Dynamic Web Acceleration.

Cloud Load Balancer Resources
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Cloud Load Balancer Features

On-Demand Traffic Management

Near real-time propagation and application of policies.

Traffic Distribution Between Servers/CDNs

Better utilization of current investments, reducing costs and improving performance (balanced servers).


Deny services to certain users based on business (for example cost) or technical (for example prevention of attacks) reasons.

Advanced Control and Reporting

Web based portal for easy DNS administration. Real-time advanced reporting that provides unparalleled insights into your DNS traffic.

Geo-Based Traffic Control

Better performance and cost control.

Automatic Failover

Higher availability and redundancy reducing costly outages.

Completely Outsourced Solution

Reduced IT investment – lower cost of deploying and maintaining complex network and systems.

Our Global Network

No matter what industry you’re in, we provide you with a tailored CDN solution to ensure efficient web performance for your global audience.

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