Are you fully prepared for a DDoS attack?

Overconfidence in your website’s ability to stay online is likely misplaced!

  • 69% of US businesses' DDoS defense mechanisms have been breached in the last year. 
  • 81% of businesses today feel they are at risk of a DDoS attack.
  • Despite increased investments in mitigation tools, cybercriminals are still winning the DDoS arms race.

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How overconfidence can be a risk to your DDoS protection

CDNetworks has completed extensive analysis of the DDoS landscape across US, UK, and DACH regions. The research examines current and future investment levels in mitigation tools, business' confidence in their resilience, the number of DDoS attacks detected, and their success rate. 

The study found that 81% of businesses today feel they are at risk of a DDoS attack. 

This has triggered substantial investment in DDoS mitigation from businesses over the last 12 months, leading 84% of those surveyed into a sense of confidence regarding their ability to withstand a DDoS attack. 

Our research also reveals, however, that two-thirds (66%) have suffered at least one successful DDOS attack in the last 12 months. Simply put, current investments in DDoS mitigation are not effective.

A worrying level of complacency exists around DDoS. Businesses falsely believe they are prepared to deal with an attack when they are, in fact, quite vulnerable. 

CDNetworks Dangerous DDoS overconfidence report outlines: 

  • How much is being invested in DDoS mitigation by businesses in the US, UK & DACH and the technologies in which they are investing.
  • The levels of confidence these businesses have in their ability to mitigate attacks, and how likely they believe themselves to be a target of a DDoS attack. 
  • The number of DDoS attacks that businesses have faced in the past 12 months, where they have come from, and their tangible impacts. 
  • Ways that businesses can ensure they are prepared in the event of a DDoS attack.

Download here to understand if you are as prepared as you think you are - or if you are at real risk for an attack to overwhelm your website.