Are you fully prepared for a DDoS attack? 

Overconfidence in your website’s ability to stay online may be misplaced!

  • 54% of businesses have suffered a DDoS attack in the last year
  • Investment in DDoS protection is increasing to try and meet this threat
  • Despite this investment, cybercriminals are still winning the DDoS arms race

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How overconfidence can be a risk to your DDoS protection

Businesses know that they are a target for DDoS. Four in every five businesses describe a DDoS attack as likely or even certain.
This has led to spending on DDoS mitigation increasing sharply over the last year, and we welcome what this means: the threat being taken seriously.

This increase in spending has led to 83% of businesses being either confident or very confident in their current DDoS mitigation setup.

However, our research also reveals over 50% of businesses have been materially affected by a successful DDoS attack in the last twelve months. The increase in investment, though welcome, isn’t having the desired effect.

Worse, the investment in DDoS protection is leading to a worrying level of complacency around DDoS — businesses think they are ready to deal with an attack when they are, in fact, still vulnerable. Over half of businesses have been the victim of a successful DDoS attack in the last year: one that was able to take their website, network or online app offline.

This complacency is dangerous given that DDoS attacks are not just increasing in frequency, but also getting bigger: the biggest attack in 2016 was three times the size of the previous year’s record.

DDoS, like so many security threats, is now an arms race. Regarding DDoS mitigation as a simple one-off investment will mean that as the trend for larger attacks continues, cybercriminals will win this race.

Is your investment in DDoS protection enough to prevent a successful attack on your website? Our DDoS 2017 Report: Dangerous Overconfidence can help you understand if you are as prepared as you think you are — or at real risk from an attack overwhelming your website.