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Improve the performance and security of ECommerce sites

The convenience of online shopping has made it incredibly popular in the world, but consumers are increasingly wary of the security of their data, and they are less tolerant of bad user experiences. As a result, speed will affect consumers’ buying decisions and the load times of your Ecommerce web pages can have a huge bearing on whether customers go on to convert.

CDNetworks accelerates Ecommerce sites aiming to help customers drive revenue and increase profitability. We are the experts providing the most effective techniques for improving website performance and user engagement, accelerating static content (images and videos) and dynamic content (shopping carts, prices, and stocks) while also reducing bandwidth. It is noticeable how the optimization and caching of content can have a knock-on benefit for end-users and as a result increase the conversion rate of your Ecommerce store.

We are the experts helping customers reach online shoppers in some markets which are fast-growing but hard to reach, such as Russia, China and the Middle East.

Provide enhanced experience in global online shopping

Website performance is improved in all markets – including parts of the world with poor connectivity. User and online customer experience are becoming key elements of SEO and the ability of your website to drive users from search engines. Improving page load times while also reducing bounce rates and latency will only be beneficial for your online business.

Cloud security for your E-commerce site

Cyberattacks, such as DDoS and Botnet attacks as well as DNS hijacking, put your customers and reputation at risk. As a leading CDN provider, CDNetworks offers security solutions to keep out criminals and keep your website and web application online. Learn more.

Scalability for peak demand

The holiday shopping rush or the release of a new product can bring a website down – successful marketing campaigns could have the same effect as DDoS attacks, making an Ecommerce store a victim of its own success. CDNetworks helps scale applications and websites without having to invest in additional infrastructure to ensure uptime.For Ecommerce websites that want to scale up for shopping seasons but not paying for peak traffic all the times, CDN360 gives you the flexibility and control.

Reach e-shoppers in mainland China with our CDN services

CDNetworks is the only one world-class global content delivery network with infrastructure (Data Centers, Points of Presence) and staff in in mainland China – the world’s largest and fastest-growing market of online consumers. CDNetworks offers scalability, reliability, and high performance for both content and applications, guaranteeing fast page speed loading times and real-time availability.

PCI compliance for online payments

CDNetworks is PCI compliant – meeting the high-level requirements to prevent fraud and data theft. Online shoppers will know that their data is safe, and retailers will benefit from monitoring and reporting for security and audit purposes. The damage that a brand can suffer from even the suspicion of compromised data can be irreparable, making PCI compliance a must for any online store.

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