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Company Overview

CDNetworks enables Global Cloud Acceleration.  Our mission is to transform the Internet into a secure, reliable, scalable and high performing Application Delivery Network.  CDNetworks’ unique position as the only multinational CDN with expertise and infrastructure in China, Russia and other emerging markets, enables us to be trusted partners in local markets, while serving as foremost experts on extending into global markets.  Accelerating more than 40,000 global websites and cloud services over our 140 PoPs, CDNetworks serves our e-business customers across industries like finance, travel, eCommerce, learning management, high tech, manufacturing and media.

CDNetworks has been helping companies reach worldwide markets for over a decade. We established our first base of loyal customers in Asia Pacific, and then expanded across six continents. Today, we are a multi-national company that draws from the insights and expertise of our diverse global organization. As trusted advisors that help businesses to streamline their global expansion, we enable mission-critical e-business in the world’s most challenging markets. In fact, our Web Performance Suite has been purpose-built to deliver website content and applications with maximum performance and availability anywhere in the world.

The CDNetworks vision is to become the world’s leader in solutions that enable fast and secure global e-business free of the limitations of hardware infrastructure and proprietary networks. Originally founded in Korea, one of the most demanding Internet regions of the world, CDNetworks continues to adapt and grow to meet the changing requirements of the market. As the Web matures into a platform for delivering mission critical applications, CDNetworks provides the services to control, optimize, and monitor those applications over the Public Cloud. Web Performance Suite seamlessly combines all those services necessary for the reliable and speedy delivery of robust websites and applications. This includes both dynamically generated, non-cacheable content (like real time transactions and personalization), and static, cacheable content (including images, media, text, video).

Built atop a vast worldwide network, cloud-based DNS and storage, and global load balancing, our services ensure fast, reliable delivery of mission-critical web content. Plus, our portal provides customers with unsurpassed control over – and a view into – their content, even as it’s delivered to site visitors around the world. Superior site performance and local support, combined with our specialized knowledge on six continents, translates into an optimized user experience for our customers’ site visitors. Our customers remain our most valued asset and we continue to invest in improving our customer experience every day.

Membership Team

Samuel Ko, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, CDNetworks Worldwide
Samuel Ko, CEO and Chairman of CDNetworks, founded CDNetworks in 2000 when he recognized the need for a neutral third party, separate from the telecommunications providers, to provide a better way of delivering content over the Internet. In June 2005, Ko led the company to a public listing on the KOSDAQ (Korea’s NASDAQ equivalent) while opening full subsidiaries in Japan, China and the United States. Ko continues to lead the CDNetworks team on its path to global leadership in the content delivery network and advanced data center solutions sectors, and is a recognized figure in the Asian Internet and global content delivery sectors.

Chris Lim, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President, CDNetworks Worldwide
Chris Lim is CFO and Executive Vice President of CDNetworks overseeing finance and investor relations for the company as well as overall business operations for the Headquarters office in Seoul, Korea. Chris joined CDNetworks in 2002, in direct support of the CEO, where he was instrumental in the development of the CDN industry in Korea. He continued to assume leadership roles and participated as a key executive in the formulation and execution of the global initiatives in Japan, China and the Americas. Chris has led many acquisitions and large institutional financing activities, including the Panther Express acquisition, and a pipeline deal from recognizable institutions, and the successful IPO of CDNetworks on the Korean stock exchange. Prior to joining CDNetworks, Chris held key positions at Hyundai Venture Investment Corporation and IT Venture Capital Firm.

Jeff Kim, Chief Operating Officer, CDNetworks US/EMEA
Jeff Kim is COO for CDNetworks US/EMEA and is responsible for the end-to-end customer experience. Jeff’s responsibilities include leading sales, service, marketing, product management and customer support. Jeff has championed the development of CDNetworks’ Web Performance Suite, and in positioning CDNetworks as the trusted global advisor to enterprise companies with mission critical applications. As a CDN industry veteran, Jeff brings extensive experience in sales, service and marketing to the company’s leadership team. Prior to joining CDNetworks, Jeff was an executive at BitGravity, a HD video delivery network. Jeff helped start the CDN industry as an early employee of Akamai where he conceptualized, developed and launched products that revolutionized the space. Jeff’s previous experience includes positions at companies including Accenture, Sprint-Nextel and Neustar. Jeff received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland.

Alexei Tumarkin, Chief Technology Officer, CDNetworks US/EMEA
Alexei Tumarkin is CTO of CDNetworks US/EMEA and is responsible for technology development activities for the company. Alexei is a Web technologies expert with seven patents on content delivery, global load balancing and TCP optimizations. Prior to joining CDNetworks, Alexei held senior technical positions with Cisco responsible for the development of Web security systems. Prior to Cisco, Alexei co-founded Netli, which created the dynamic application acceleration industry. Alexei holds Masters and PhD degrees in Math from the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Moscow, Russia.

Junho Choi, Chief Technology Officer, CDNetworks APAC
Junho Choi is CTO of CDNetworks APAC and is responsible for Engineering and most technical activities of the firm. Junho has worked in the content delivery network sector since the industry first began and has experience in service operations in Korea, Japan, and the US. Prior to joining CDNetworks, Junho worked for Web Data Bank and Intz Community developing localized Linux distribution and CDN solutions of the company. Junho is an advocate of FreeBSD, participating in many open source projects and is a first FreeBSD committer (ports) in Korea. Junho holds both a Masters of Computer Science degree and a Bachelor of Computer Science and Statistics degree from Seoul National University, Korea.

Jongchan Kim, Senior Vice President, Operations, CDNetworks Worldwide
Jongchan Kim is Senior Vice President of Operations for CDNetworks Worldwide and is responsible for all global operations including customer support, service delivery, network and system operations. Prior to joining CDNetworks, Jongchan worked at DACOM (currently LGU Plus, the 2nd largest ISP/IDC in Korea) for more than 12 years. Furthermore, Jongchan was a driving force in establishing the KIDC(Korea Internet Data Center) as the chief network architect. Jongchan holds his Bachelor of Computer Science from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea.

John J. Kang, Vice President of Sales & Channels, CDNetworks US/EMEA
John Kang is Vice President of Sales & Channels for CDNetworks US/EMEA and is responsible for developing and executing strategic customer and partner acquisition programs and for building and managing the US & EMEA sales teams. Before joining CDNetworks, John was General Manager of the Digital Solutions Center US for Samsung Electronics. Prior to this, he held several key business development positions at Samsung in the Telecommunications and Digital Media divisions. John has also worked for PA Consulting (formerly Hagler Bailly), the Disney Channel, and AT&T. He holds a Masters of Management degree from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Harvey Mudd College.

Hyungkoo Lee, Vice President, Sales Strategy, CDNetworks Worldwide
Hyungkoo Lee is Vice President of Sales Strategy for CDNetworks Worldwide and is responsible for planning and driving global sales strategy across CDNetworks’ regional offices. Hyungkoo joined CDNetworks at its inception and lead the Korean Sales, Marketing, and Business Development teams. Hyungkoo played a critical part in leading the globalization strategy of the company, including the establishment of CDNetworks China and managing operations as their CEO. Prior to joining CDNetworks, Hyungkoo worked with Hanaro Telecom which later became SK Broadband. Hyunkoo holds a Business Administration degree from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Chris Wong, Vice President of Sales, CDNetworks US
Chris Wong is Vice President of Sales and is responsible for building, managing and growing CDNetworks US sales organization. Chris is a CDN and Web performance veteran with proven sales leadership. Prior to CDNetworks, Chris held strategic management positions at Limelight Networks, Cotendo and Panther Express. At both Cotendo and Panther Express, Chris established the inaugural Sales teams and was responsible for rapid revenue growth. Prior to this, Chris was a key executive during the acquisition of UltraDNS to Neustar. Chris also headed a global sales team for Semix Inc. and drove sales in APAC, EMEA and US markets. Chris holds a B.S. in Marketing & Finance from the California State University-Hayward.


Global Offices

CDNetworks provides CDN services to customers worldwide with global offices and server infrastructure in countries around the world. CDNetworks is headquartered in Seoul, Korea with major subsidiary offices in the US, Japan, and China.

United States
441 W. Trimble Road, San Jose, CA 95131
Tel: +1 408 228 3700
Fax: +1 408 432 1306

United Kingdom

16 St Martins Le Grand, London, EC1A 4EN
Tel: +44 20 7096 3982 / Fax: +44 0 2079936926

8 rue de I’Isly 75008 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 75 43 81 92

Tel: +49 8441 7836357

Handong Bldg. 2F,828-7,Yeoksam-Dong, Gangnam-Gu,135-935, Seoul
Tel: +82 2 3441 0400
Fax: +82 2 569 9632

Nittochi Nishi-shinjuku Building, 8th Floor, 6-10-1,
Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0023
Tel: +81 3 5909 3369
Fax: +81 3 5909 3360

Room No.A-1502, Keijidalou, 900 Yi shan Road, Shanghai
Tel: +86 10 8441 7749