CDNetworks Hosts the Jakarta Summit 2023 in Indonesia

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Jakarta, February 23, 2023. Under the theme “How to Accelerate the Performance and Strengthen your Security for Your Business”, CDNetworks’ Jakarta Summit 2023 was held on February 23 at Hotel Mulia Senayan, in the Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. The summit brought together many organizations’ executives like Hafidz Aulia, head of IT at Citilink, to discuss everything about CDNetworks’ web performance and security.

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Demonstrating What Values CDNetworks Can Deliver

As the first speaker of Jakarta Summit 2023, Allan Panganting, the Senior Solution Architect of CDNetworks, delivered an opening speech of the Jakarta Summit 2023, saying that “Improving the IT ability to support the specific business requirements is always a hot topic, however there are too many things to do before fulfilling it. So today, we invited all of you to join this summit to discover what CDNetworks can do for your organization in both masterclass and the round table sessions.”

CDNetworks' Masterclass of Jakarta Summit

The masterclass was also given by Allan Panganting. He made a brief introduction of all product lines, including Web Performance, Cloud Security, Media Delivery, Zero-Trust, Edge Computing, Professional Services and etc. He concluded that CDNetworks makes website and web applications with unparalleled speed, ultra-low latency, rigorous security and reliability, and in Indonesia, due to the abundant resources and great connectivity, CDNetworks has been gaining reputation in many key industries.

The round table discussion was set to be an open session for all attendees to discuss. And it was impressive that the atmosphere of the round table session was really heated, more than 10 attendees raised their questions to CDNetworks, and have had a thorough discussion with CDNetworks’ technical team.

Citilink: It Has to be Fast, Secure and Reliable

After the lunch break, Citilink, an Indonesian low-cost airline headquartered in Jakarta, was also invited to make a presentation to show how CDNetworks is empowering Citilink’s E-Commerce business. In the presentation, Hafidz Aulia elaborated thoroughly how CDNetworks accelerates the performance of the Citilink’s website & mobile apps with Dynamic Web Acceleration solution, and how CDNetworks Application Shield and DDoS Mitigation Service help protect the security of their businesses.

In his opinion, CDNetworks is truly an accelerator of their E-Commerce business, and he also commented that, “With CDNetworks, they can ensure they can be accessed equally fast everywhere in the world without compromising the safety. So, it has to be fast, secure and reliable.”

The summit ended with Citilink’s presentation, and event was highly praised by attendees. Many attendees keep going to discuss their top challenges and their interested solutions with CDNetworks after the event. Talking about the meaning of this event, Yien Wu, Head of Sales in Southeast Asia, said “As a part of our localization strategy, CDNetworks feels very grateful to make these kinds of off-line connections happen, for it helps us get to know every need of our customers, only in this way can CDNetworks delivered the best solutions to our customers.”

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