CDNetworks Released State of Web Security for 2021: Web Application Attacks Surged 141.3%

Singapore, August 31, 2022. CDNetworks, the global-leading CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Edge Service Provider, released State of Web Security for 2021 (the Security Report). The Security Report states that distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), web application, bot, and API attacks had an overwhelming increase in 2021 compared to 2020. As CDNetworks security platform monitored and blocked 22.982 billion Web Application attacks, which was 2.41 times that of 2020 and showed a doubling trend. All of these figures show that the enterprises should adopt a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to protect their business against the surging cyberattacks, especially amid the pandemic period.

The Security Report Saw a Surging Trend for All Types of Attacks:

  • The level of DDoS attacks topped 774.58Gbps, which was 26.42% higher than that in 2020.
  • Number of web application attacks had an increase of 141.3% over the same period last year, reaching 22.982 billion.
  • Malicious bot surpassed the record of 2020 by 236%, reaching 84.771 billion.
  • Number of API attacks had a 3-fold increase over 2020, 14.798 billion API attacks were blocked in 2021, averaging 469 attacks per second.

The report indicated that as the API access environment became more open, and sensitive data was being exchanged between business partners, attackers have set their sights on obtaining this valuable enterprise data. In hence, enterprises are encouraged to select vendors that support cloud Web applications and API protection (WAAP) solutions, combined with Web application firewall, DDoS protection, and bot management capabilities to establish a comprehensive defense cornerstone against the API and Web application attacks.

The CDNetworks’ WAAP solution provides extensive insight into user scenarios, integrates DDoS protection, WAF, and supports Bot management, API security and management capabilities to achieve full-stack coordination and unified management based on a globally distributed platform.

The security report also kept an eye on the Log4j2 Vulnerability. The damage caused by Apache Log4j2 vulnerabilities is widespread, and the number of intrusions occurring two weeks after the vulnerability was published exceeded the total number of intrusions caused by the second through ninth high-risk vulnerabilities combined, in the rank of top 10 high-risk vulnerabilities

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