A Video Portal Company Switched to CDNetworks Cloud VoD Solution for Media Delivery


A video portal company providing paid subscribers with unlimited access to TV drama resources and video-on-demand (VoD) content from its website and application experienced rapid growth. Along with this growth came mounting video-quality issues that detracted from the overall user experience and soon led to a disaffected audience and a decrease in paid memberships.

To deliver content rapidly and reliably and retain its global audience, which included subscribers in China, the customer required VoD acceleration along with media-processing services that could package content for a variety of devices and screens and varying Internet speeds. The customer also required storage services to hold its burgeoning content and resources.

The customer had been using a vendor for these services. However, the rapid increase in business and user volume resulted in issues affecting video quality that led to customer complaints and eventually forced the customer to find a vendor offering a more robust and scalable platform.

Challenges and Pain Points

As the customer’s business grew dramatically, the number of users increased as well. This increase gradually introduced more and more issues over time. For example, some ISPs experienced poor-quality downloads, while users complained about frequent video stuttering — all of which resulted in a decline in paid subscription renewals.

The customer had been using different components to handle content delivery, storage, and media processing. But with diminishing subscription renewals, the customer was in a desperate search to find a complete integrated cloud video solution that could address the following key requirements:

  1. Accommodate daily uploads of batch files containing hundreds of videos from operators.
  2. Support adaptive transcoding services for mobile viewing applications, along with having strict security safeguards in place, such as video content protection, video copyright, encryption, watermark support, Marquee Ad, and pre-roll AD processing.
  3. Enforce rigorous video-playback requirements for end users, with particular attention to buffering, lagging, choppiness, and stuttering.


CDNetworks Cloud VoD integrates a content delivery network (CDN) with media-processing, video-management, and storage capabilities into a single holistic end-to-end solution that satisfies the customer’s key requirements. Its compelling features and robust performance convinced the customer to migrate from its previous cloud provider to CDNetworks. The integration was fast and easy, and the migration proceeded smoothly, aided by CDNetworks’ team of content delivery experts who worked hand in hand with the customer’s technical engineers every step of the way.

Of particular importance was the customer’s strict demands for providing end users with the highest quality of video playback possible — an issue that had plagued the customer with its previous vendor. CDNetworks’ robust CDN, with over 2,800 global Points of Presence (PoPs) covering multiple overseas ISP partners, provided the ideal solution. Not only did this worldwide reach elevate the user playback experience, but it also increased user stickiness with and loyalty to the customer.

The customer is especially pleased at how CDNetworks Cloud VoD bundles features such as video upload, content cataloging, transcoding, watermarking, video advertising, and splicing to provide a complete solution. Best of all, these features are all self-configurable and can be performed on-the-fly using a single click, providing the customer with unparalleled efficiency that makes it easy to get started, gain competitive advantages, and achieve faster revenue realization.

Another pain point was the customer’s increasing storage requirements, which was a direct outgrowth of its rapidly increasing global user base. The previous cloud vendor could not keep up with the customer’s relentless demand for storage. By contrast, the CDNetworks Cloud VoD solution leverages globally distributed PoPs that offer 500 PB of storage. Storing these files closer to the user delivers better service and faster downloads.

The customer’s continuing growth has also seen a dramatic increase in the number of files uploaded by operators. CDNetworks Cloud VoD solution supports operator contributions through its batch-upload feature, which makes it easy for operators to simultaneously upload multiple files in bulk.

Key Impacts/Benefits

Since adopting the CDNetworks Cloud VoD solution, video stuttering has become a thing of the past while customer complaints have been eliminated entirely. The customer has also reaped significant benefits from robust CDN delivery capabilities and multiple types of media-processing features supported by CDNetworks. As a result, the customer has enjoyed a flourishing user base while saving significant time and cost required to build a comprehensive infrastructure of point products capable of handling transcoding, content delivery, and playback.

Media & Entertainment
CDNetworks Cloud VoD
Key Impacts
  • Enjoys a premium end-to-end video-on-demand solution
  • Provides end users with the highest quality of video playback
  • Achieves to simultaneously upload multiple files in bulk
  • Saves significant time and cost