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DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks occasionally make news headlines as businesses are kicked offline, most recently affecting the world’s biggest banks and stock exchanges. The fact is DDoS attacks happen quite regularly negatively impacting an organization’s revenue, brand image, and operations. Organizations that attempt to fight distributed attacks with a centralized defense posture quickly become overwhelmed and buckle under the volume of DDoS attacks. CDNetworks’ cloud-based DDoS protection is ideally suited for mitigating DDoS attacks. Winner of the 2016 Cloud Security Excellence Award.

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CDNetworks cloud-based DDoS Protection is ideally suited for mitigating DDoS attacks. Through a combination of our 200+ global PoP locations, our Anycast DNS methodology and DDoS absorption infrastructure, our global network responds automatically to unusual traffic spikes. If one or more PoPs face a high level of requests, other nodes ─ including special DDoS absorption PoPs ─ automatically inspect and clean the traffic.

We have also built intelligence into our infrastructure which notifies us when unusual traffic patterns occur over the network. This enables our team of network security engineers to rapidly respond by blacklisting and blocking specific request types.

With numerous individuals and groups constantly attempting to bring down both websites and CDNs, we successfully defend our infrastructure against a wide variety of DDoS attacks every month. They range from high-traffic and long duration attacks, to dynamic content requests and flooding. The bottom line is that attacks are growing in both size and sophistication. This has led us to develop the special DDoS absorption infrastructure that is core to the DDoS protection service and ensures  continued normal operations for our application and website customers.

Cloud DDoS Protection: Proactive Site Monitoring and Alerting

While the CDNetworks infrastructure can withstand large-scale DDoS attacks, each attack has its own unique circumstances that require a combination of human intelligence and technology automation. That is why we leverage a blend of technology and human interaction to monitor for attacks, alert our internal team and customers, and take corrective action in response to attacks.

Our automated alerts provide the fastest means for stopping an attack in progress. This makes alerts extremely valuable in preventing damage caused by DDoS and other attacks. Our  highly qualified network engineers and security engineers then monitor and analyze an attack’s progress as well as our response to it. To achieve this, we staff our network operations team with deeply experienced engineers and technicians on a 24x7x365 basis.

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Features & Benefits

The combination of a globally distributed, cloud-based node infrastructure, anycast methodology, built-in platform intelligence, and special “DDoS traffic absorption PoPs” enable us to fend off high-volume and sophisticated attacks.

Network traffic is automatically verified for compliance to TCP/IP specifications and dropped if not.

We blend technology and our front-line engineers’ years of CDN and website monitoring experience to monitor for attacks and respond to them fast and appropriately.

Our system leverages RPS Alerts and Traffic Alerts to inform CDNetworks customers to the presence of an attack. Customers can also pre-set traffic volumes, above which our system will automatically send alerts.

Our team of deeply experienced network engineers continuously improves our systems and infrastructure to account for increasingly sophisticated and large attack types.

Global Offices

CDNetworks is headquarted in Seoul, Korea with global offices in Silicon Valley, Calif, London, England, Tokyo, Japan, Singapore and China.

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