Professional Reporting Service

Helping you diagnose and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your cybersecurity posture.

CDNetworks’ Professional Reporting Service complements CDNetworks’ Cloud Security products by engaging our skilled security professionals to monitor and evaluate cyber threats that can breach networks. Our trained professionals provide attack-incident analysis reports and recommend security policy optimizations for your websites, apps, and APIs. Using these reports, organizations can build the cybersecurity resiliency needed to protect critical infrastructure assets without requiring a deep knowledge about cyber security.

CDNetworks’ Professional Reporting Service helps mitigate the growing and significant cyber risks that all companies face, and guarantees the stability and security of your organization.

Security Posture Summary

Summarizes critical attack and defense information to expose a company’s overall security posture over a predefined analysis period.

Security Posture Summary
Technical Security Review

Technical Security Review

In-depth reporting of attack incidents, false positives, and false negatives reveals a company’s current security configuration.

Security Expert Recommendations

Providing security solutions with tuning recommendations for optimizing your current security configuration to align with the ever-changing threat landscape.

Security Expert Recommendations

Benefits to Your Business

Periodic security reports inform you about the current and evolving threat landscape

In-depth analyses, assessments, and enhanced advisory reporting address growing attack surfaces

Recommendations optimize security policies in a quick and affordable manner

How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

CDNetworks’ Professional Reporting Service is a complement to CDNetworks’ Cloud Security products that leverages the expertise of our cyber security experts. Our security gurus’ pore over massive amounts of data about current and evolving cyberthreats to deliver critical information about security intelligence, in-depth advisory reporting, incident analysis, and overall optimization recommendations along with in-depth technical reviews. From this data, you gain a clear picture of the current state of your organization’s cybersecurity posture and capabilities, allowing you to see how, where, and why to invest in managing cyber risks.

  • Generated reports empower you to optimize security policies to build a more risk-aware posture and keep current with data security and data privacy best practices, without requiring a Ph.D. in cyber security.
  • Security recommendations allow you to optimize security policies quickly and affordably, improve the efficiency of existing tools and processes, and identify opportunities to reduce associated costs, without exposing your organization to cyber risks.
  • Ideally suited for organizations with small or no security operations team, or with teams that lack in-depth knowledge and experience about security
  • Eliminates the need for companies to keep updated about the ever-changing threat landscape and how it compromises their organization
  • Ensures a proactive approach for guaranteeing security before major milestones, such as prior to launching new products and services
  • Provides critical information to organizations that require frequent advisory reporting to build a transformation strategy and roadmap for implementing next-generation security operations

Security Overview
Request statistics and key incident statistics are provided for all attacks protected by the CDNetworks’ Security Platform.

Attack Incident Analysis
Comprehensive data about DDoS, Web application, Bot, and other attacks used to respond to and quell cyberattacks.

Security Policies Review
In-depth analysis of security status with tuning recommendations for implementing next-generation security safeguards.

Reports are available according to your requirements. Best practices recommend you receive reports on a regular basis (ideally once a month, but not longer than quarterly).