Secure Application Access

Granular application access based on trust level

Secure Application Access

With the high cost of security breaches, enterprises need to ensure that private enterprise applications are secure. But, what if those applications also need to be available for remote employees, partners, vendors or customers?  VPN is one solution, but is not always  fast or convenient from every device and sometimes opens the entire network for sharing, not just an individual application.

Secure Application Access (SAA) allows enterprises to share private enterprise applications with remote employees, customers, vendors, and partners on any device.

As a “zero trust” CDN solution, SAA protects applications and data while providing a fast, efficient user experience on CDNetworks’ global content delivery network (CDN).

With VPN solutions, the network is vulnerable to hackers and untrusted users.VPN-Access

With SAA, enterprises share browser-based applications via the SAA Cloud without providing access to the internal network. Application user authentication takes place outside the internal IT infrastructure, requiring no change to the customer IT environment and no Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Secure Application Access allows enterprises to completely lock down their IT environment and move the attack surface to CDNetworks SAA Cloud with multiple layers of security, including multi-factor authentication, to protect customer applications. SAA also provides a cloud-based management portal for detailed audit, visibility, control, and reporting.

Secure Application Access can be used by distributed teams, such as global sales organizations or remote manufacturing, to access reporting, accounting, manufacturing, HR, resource planning, and automation applications from any computer or mobile device.

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Features & Benefits

SAA provides a number of benefits over traditional VPN and hardware solutions.


Browser-based enterprise application acceleration over 200 PoPs globally and in emerging markets. Eliminates the inherent delays and latencies of the internet and improves the speed of enterprise applications.


Multiple layers of application security, including:

  • Application access controls
  • Encryption
  • WAN optimization
  • Two factor and multi-factor authentication
  • Dynamic CSRF tokens

User Authentication

  • Reduce unauthorized access of enterprise applications by authenticating users outside your infrastructure.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Supports addition of 2-factor and Multi-factor authentication to any application.
  • Authentication to Active Directory, any SAML provider, LDAP, Google Directory.

Simple Set-up

  • Set up new users and applications in minutes.
  • No client installation on the user device.
  • No dedicated appliance to configure and manage.

Auditing and Reporting

  • Single cloud-based management portal for detailed audit, visibility, control, and reporting.
  • Per application load reporting.
  • Access activity reporting for each application.
  • Management activity reporting.
  • Searchable and downloadable log reports.

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