CDNetworks Launches New Zero Trust Access Solution

New Zero Trust Access Solution

CDNetworks, the global leader in CDN, edge computing, and cloud security, announced today its new Zero Trust Access Solution: Enterprise Secure Access (ESA). ESA has been built from the ground up to modernize organizations with secure remote access to apps and services, and establish a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use hybrid networking environment.

ESA is a cloud service based on a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Zero Trust architecture. ESA checks user identity, device security, and user behavior to authenticate users and devices before granting access to enterprise applications. ESA also safeguards applications from cyberattacks by shielding the origin’s IP address and port behind a security gateway.

“As organizations scramble to solve unprecedented remote access challenges during or post-pandemic, adopting Zero Trust Network Access has increased significantly.” said Doyle Deng, CDNetworks’ Head of Product Management, “With Zero Trust Network Access implementation, our Enterprise Secure Access offers a secure remote access that can effectively adapt to modern security infrastructures and embrace hybrid workplaces while protecting a company’s apps, devices, and data.”

Rooted in a Zero Trust architecture, CDNetworks’ Enterprise Secure Access brings powerful benefits to organizations:

Zero Trust Network Access

Check user identity, device security, and user behavior to ensure that only authorized users and devices are granted access to enterprise applications.

Accelerate Application Access

Accelerate remote access and data transmission with a globally distributed DDoS-resistant edge network to provide users with speedy and secure access to applications.

Secure Applications & Data

Encrypt data transmission, shield resources behind a security gateway, and protect applications with a cloud-based web application firewall (WAF) to safeguard connections.

Flexible Management

Deliver an easy-to-manage platform to set up and maintain applications and users individually and in batches. Provide visualized reports and alerts to aid in intelligent decision making.

Adaptive Access Control

Dynamically adapt access control by continuously evaluating user behavior, identification, device security, and threat intelligence to protect enterprise applications.

Connect Hybrid Network

Integrate enterprise, SaaS, cloud, and on-prem applications into one secure and uniform platform regardless of where applications are hosted.

Apply for a free trial to learn how ESA empowers your workforce to stay productive from anywhere on any device, without exposing your apps and network to cyberthreats.

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