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Deliver high-quality video content for unrivaled user experiences

With more and more users demanding engaging TV and video experiences, media and entertainment companies have never been under more pressure to ensure high-speed delivery of their content around the world. Furthermore, not only does rich content, videos, and images need to be optimized for a range of devices – from TV to laptops, tablets, and mobile devices – downloading multimedia content, such as videos, photos, documents, and audio files, needs to be quick and hassle-free.

CDNetworks’ media and entertainment solution provides the functionality needed to efficiently manage the fast, high-quality delivery of video streaming and media content.

Getting a wider range of users with HTTP transmitting

CDNetworks’ video CDN solution provides flexible transcoding and transmuxing features to achieve media content delivery via HTTP requests which can be accessed from various kinds of devices or terminals with different operating systems.

Fast delivery of online advertising

Whether you publish adverts on your own website or deliver on behalf of other companies, CDNetworks supports the delivery of dynamic, targeted advertising. While our management portal provides easy access to traffic statistics, making it easier to refine and optimize your advertising strategy, we also ensure you retain your viewers and obtain high web traffic in order to maximize your ad revenue.

Intelligent load balancing for media delivery

Gives media and entertainment companies complete flexibility in their content delivery strategy. Whether it is determining content delivery policies based on real-time conditions or end-user targets, you can react to market-specific conditions while ensuring you never compromise the viewing experience, availability, or operational efficiency.

Protect your site from DDoS attacks and maintain user experience continuity

CDNetworks protect websites and entire network infrastructures against sudden Denial of Service attacks that may take your entire site or app down for hours or days, with proactive site monitoring & alerting, ensuring site availability even during attacks.

Why An Integrated Platform is Essential to Your Video Business

An integrated video platform combines multiple distinct technologies to accelerate the performance, excellence, and security of video streams – while eliminating the complexity and incompatibility of dealing with multiple vendors. It will deliver content through a single workflow that offers quality, simplicity, and scale.


Today’s viewers choose video services based on a variety of factors, but what really matters to them is quality – seamless, flawless, anytime, anywhere. Viewing sessions on streaming devices are getting longer, so it makes sense that viewers have high expectations for a quality presentation; they have little patience for setbacks such as low latency, buffering, or blank screens.

According to, 62 percent of consumers have a negative perception of a brand that publishes poor-quality video content. If they don’t get TV-like quality, they leave. The provider that puts a premium on quality will reap the benefits of attracting and retaining viewers, building loyalty, and generating higher revenue from advertising.


A primary disadvantage of stitching together a video delivery system is that its various components may not work cooperatively – and in fact, might be at odds with each other.

The danger of that approach not only affects the quality of delivery and service but can also have a devastating impact on the time it takes to get to market, which translates to lost viewership and revenue for video on demand (VOD) services. One partner that can do it all simplifies the process of delivering high-quality video to global audiences.


A powerful video platform with a vast global network enables you to deliver content quickly – with better quality and performance  – to viewers on any device around the world. This kind of global video content delivery network (CDN) with massive scale and thousands of interconnects also enables you to sustain millions of concurrent users regardless of spikes in traffic, enhancing the delivery of content through caching.

4 Key Components to Put You Ahead of Your Competition

To stay ahead of the competition – and win – you need to choose a video platform offering the right combination of innovative features that deliver quality live streaming services and simple experiences together to all your viewers – without fail.

Streaming Solution

When it comes to video streaming services, you need to simplify your workflow from ingest through delivery, providing the highest-quality video, personalized for every viewer who hits “play.”

Delivery Solution

Good CDN services must deliver video optimized for viewers’  devices from a server nearest the user’s geographic location; overcoming any bandwidth constraints to deliver the content fast via connected data centers and points of presence (PoPs) around the world.

Security Solution

A powerful platform must be able to provide robust security on multiple fronts,  including DDoS protection and bot mitigation – allowing access to vetted users while blocking unauthorized users.

Service and Support

An integrated platform should provide proactive monitoring, meaningful insights, and troubleshooting with continuous testing. It must also have service and support teams in place around the world, something our video CDN solution at CDNetworks has in abundance.


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