How to Best Leverage a CDN for Your Video Delivering ( Thailand )

Importance of Live Stream


With the development of innovative technologies and the impact of COVID-19, video streaming market is growing fast in the recent years. As video becomes the new norm of customer engagement for business large and small, the role of a highly reliable, scalable and performant media delivery solution is more critical than ever.

From this webinar, you will learn about CDNetworks’ deep knowledge and experiences in the domain of video delivery, gain new ideas about industry trend, key customer challenges and you will see how CDNetworks can help you to optimize video delivery with its robust CDN capability in the APAC region.

Topic: How to Best Leverage a CDN for Your Video Delivering?
Date: Dec 16th, 2021
Times: 14:00-15:30 GMT+7
Language: Thai
Speaker: Eakawin Chawannakul | Solutions Architect


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