Low Latency Streaming

글로벌 규모의 초지연성 실시간 스트리밍

Low Latency Streaming is an advanced live streaming solution designed for live content providers who require ultra-low streaming latency. By leveraging and optimizing WebRTC, CDNetworks Low Latency Streaming reduces live streaming latencies to below 500 milliseconds. Meanwhile, the global content delivery network resources of CDNetworks make large-scale WebRTC streaming a reality.



Optimized WebRTC reduces streaming latencies below 500 milliseconds.

간편한 통합

Free iOS/Android SDK is provided for rapid integration.

미디어 처리

Supports media processing features such as live recording and live screenshot.

Low Transmission Consumption

Compared with the content encryption of standard WebRTC, CDNetworks proprietary security strategies have a lower transmission consumption and latency.

오디오/비디오 호환성

Audio: SDK supports OPUS and AAC
Video: SDK supports H.264, H.265, and B-frames

스트리밍 초저지연성

WebRTC is the most popular protocol for peer-to-peer communications. It uses UDP as the transport layer protocol and has a significantly lower transmission latency than traditional streaming media protocols. Built on WebRTC, CDNetworks’ Low Latency Streaming is a media delivery solution that slashes live streaming latencies to under 500 milliseconds. Offering ultra-fast streaming content delivery improves interactivity between live streamers and viewers to create lightning-fast, secure, and reliable end-user experiences.

Media Acceleration Live Streaming Low Latency

높은 확장성

CDNetworks’ Low Latency Streaming is uniquely positioned to support live streaming at a global scale. CDNetworks owns over 200,000 deployed servers, more than 2,800 PoPs, and 400+ edge computing PoPs in over 70 countries and regions. Our globally distributed resources can easily manage massive content streams concurrently and ensure that all streams are delivered to users regardless of content size and user location and viewing device.

비용 절감

CDNetworks’ products reduce costs in many ways. For example, WebRTC is natively supported by mainstream browsers. CDNetworks provides a free SDK for iOS and Android terminals. This allows you to integrate our products without having to incur additional research and development. In addition, CDNetworks’ SDK supports unencrypted transmission during low-latency streaming to lower transmission consumption dramatically while guaranteeing security.

라이브 스트리밍 비용 절감

전문 기술

By optimizing and upgrading the standard WebRTC technology, CDNetworks’ Low Latency Streaming integrates seamlessly with the CDN platform and inherits all media processing features. Since its launch, CDNetworks has provided WebRTC streaming services to live content providers in e-commerce, online education, sports, and many other industries. With our rich customer experience and robust technology, we guarantee a secure and reliable service that will meet customer demands and take your business further.


How it Works

Like Media Acceleration Live Broadcast, CDNetworks’ Low Latency Streaming delivers streaming content to end users worldwide using our globally distributed content delivery network. However, Low Latency Streaming innovatively supports WebRTC for both stream pushing and pulling.