Pilgrimage to Performance – Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for the Holidays?

Pilgrimage to Performance – Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for the Holidays?

Are you expecting huge amounts of concurrent traffic this upcoming shopping season? Perhaps you should start thinking about a multi-CDN strategy. Can you afford to take the risk of undeliverable content due to a crowded network because of fluctuating traffic? Is it smart to put all your eggs in one basket when your business’ existence is dependent on 100% uptime?

Take Macy’s as an example, the 4th largest U.S. online retailer. Just like Nieman Marcus and Target in 2015, and Best Buy in 2014, Macy’s web site gave out last year under the weight of heavy Black Friday/Cyber Monday web traffic.

With online sales in the U.S. growing 3.5% YOY during the Thanksgiving weekend, Macys’ outage undoubtedly lost the company revenue, and cost significant brand value due to the many headlines and disparaging tweets.

Surprisingly, Black Friday sales are not exclusive to the U.S., despite the date’s connection with Thanksgiving. Coordinated and collaborative shopping efforts by communities are appealing to retailers internationally as well. In 2016, 20 different countries including Mexico, Australia, China, Russia, India, and Pakistan implemented sales of their own. Depending on where your buyers are located, it might be smart to place regional traffic on one CDN and use an enterprise CDN to reach customers across the globe.

According to the National Retailers Federation, anywhere from 27.4% – 30% of annual revenue comes from sales during the Holiday season. That is a 20% increase from the year prior. So, if your competitive edge is via eCommerce, you will depend on the speed and overall performance, not to mention the security around customer data, to meet your bottom line. 

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Not every CDN is functional for all purposes, like reaching global markets. Leading ecommerce businesses understand that creating a tailored mix will optimize results, as CDNs vary in strength, security, and capability.

CDNetworks’ Cloud Load Balancing solutions allow you to apply traffic management policies in real time to control your content delivery. It facilitates agility and flexibility in controlling your content delivery policies enables you to react to market-specific conditions while never compromising on availability, application performance, and operational efficiency. Look at a Multi-CDN strategy. Don’t let your site fail and miss targets during the most lucrative season of the year.

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