Faster ecommerce websites = higher conversions

Faster ecommerce websites = higher conversions

We are excited to announce that CDNetworks has introuduced image optimization that can reduce your ecommerce website download speeds even further.

High resolution images provide a great online user experience, but they can slow a website down. Slower websites decrease conversions as busy shoppers lose patience and leave for the competition.

CDNetworks Cloud Image Optimization automatically optimizes image performance on the fly thus ensuring a fast user experience on desktops and mobile.

To give you an example, our retail customer Blinds to Go started on CDNetworks global network and immediately realized gains in speed for the overall website. They have recently implemented Cloud Image Optimization to reduce download speeds by another 50-80% on desktops and mobile.

Govind Kanara, IT Project Leader, Blinds to Go said, “Our two-pronged approach of employing a CDN and optimizing images enhances the user experience, thus increasing conversions from browsing to purchasing.”

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