Video Acceleration

Media Streaming is innately challenging. The large server networks with proximity to end users have construction and maintenance costs that are too high for most streaming media providers. Delivering premium content to millions of end users across multiple continents with fluctuating traffic patterns requires flexible bandwidth capabilities. And ultra-low latency is increasingly difficult for content providers as feature-rich live, interactive, and on-demand streams become more popular across all markets.

CDNetworks can deliver live and on-demand streams to end users in near-real time, across multiple devices. With CDNetworks’ ultra-low latency solutions, you can stream one-time live events, live broadcasts, or on-demand content to viewers with high availability and performance.

  • We support live video chat, live event broadcasting, cloud gaming, video on demand, Over-the-Top (OTT) TV, live audio broadcast, music & podcast streaming, and digital media distribution
  • With over 1000+ PoPs and 50Tbps network capacity, we can support any number of concurrent streams or viewers with no congestion
  • Connect to 720 million users with 1 Tbps dedicated bandwidth for DDoS mitigation


Video Acceleration

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Features & Benefits

We support live and on-demand streams to any audience size in any location with advanced traffic management to ensure ultra-low latency and high availability

Deliver an RTMP live stream to any player with optimized multi-protocol conversion. Push your master file to our ingress and we transcode the file in our media processing center, then deliver multi-bitrate (MBR), multi resolution files dynamically across our network to your end users.

Protect your origin server and content while minimizing impact on stream latency with integrated stream security and enhanced access controls.

Public, private, and hybrid cloud storage solutions provide dynamic scalability, customizable configurations, digital rights management (DRM), and multi-format support.

Suitable Products
Video On-Demand Acceleration
High-Speed Data Transmission
Interactive Live Stream Acceleration
Live Stream Acceleration


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