Oxybul handles high website traffic without a hitch, thanks to CDNetworks

At a glance

Company: Oxybul

Headquarters: France

Industry: Distribution

Website: http://www.oxybul.com/

CDN Services: Content Acceleration, Dynamic Web Acceleration

Key results

  • Capacity to absorb website traffic spikes
  • Cost savings by combining Web Acceleration and Dynamic Web Acceleration at CDNetworks
  • Reduced load on Oxybul’s own IT infrastructure

French toy-store chain Oxybul Éveil et Jeux aims to help children develop their full potential by offering a wide range of games, books, DVDs, furniture, and childcare items for kids aged zero to twelve. The company sells over 9,000 products through its ecommerce website, www.oxybul.com, and network of 44 stores across France.

Oxybul – France’s leading online toy retailer – has been using content delivery network technology to handle high website traffic ever since its ecommerce business was launched. No less than 50% of Oxybul’s sales come from its ecommerce platform.

The challenge

Oxybul initially had two different content delivery networks: one for static content and one for dynamic content. But the company decided to streamline its system, and turned to CDNetworks for a single solution encompassing all types of content.

“We decided to use CDNetworks’ technology for our entire ecommerce platform, not only to save money but also so that would have to deal with only one CDN supplier. CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration and Dynamic Web Acceleration services proved to be an effective combination,” said François Malinge, Internet Systems Manager at Oxybul.

The new solution cut Oxybul’s CDN costs and, thanks to an advanced caching system, improved its website response time throughout France. The solution stores static html pages, style sheets, and images in cache on servers close to where users are located, to shorten downloading times from Oxybul’s website. The cache for product sheets is cleared every hour. Dynamic content is loaded using Ajax to provide a direct link with Oxybul’s servers and thus allow for faster updates.

CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration service also simplified Oxybul’s IT infrastructure by reducing the number of direct connections on the servers.

The solution

Oxybul’s internet staff is pleased with the excellent performance of CDNetworks’ solution – especially since it runs perfectly well on its own. What’s more, the CDN is able to absorb peaks in traffic before the Christmas holidays – a busy time for toy retailers – so that web pages load just as fast then as they always do.

The results

The toy retailer had to tweak its existing system so that two caches – one for the ecommerce website and one for the mobile website – could be stored with CDNetworks: “We had to reconfigure our http headers so that our ecommerce content could be included in the CDN. CDNetworks’ support team was by our side every step of the way, and we were able to get the job done easily. We’re really happy with the service provided by CDNetworks,” François said.

About Oxybul

Oxybul Eveil et Jeux has been selling fun and creative toys and games to children for the past 25 years. It carefully selects products designed to help kids learn and grow, taking a holistic view to children and the various stages of their development. The company’s wide product range includes some 9,000 items for both indoor and outdoor play. In addition to a network of stores across France, Oxybul sells products through its website www.oxybul.com. With its unique collection, Oxybul aims to encourage children to develop their full potential, explore their talent, express their personality, and build self-esteem. Learn more at www.oxybul.com.

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